1. SubscriberSuzianne
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    08 Aug '03
    15 Aug '22 21:30
    @kevin-eleven said
    I had grown tired of the damn Skywalkers 20 or 30 years ago (the glut of Star Wars novels had something to do with this), but I love the world(s) of Star Wars and the production design(s): the sights and sounds, vehicles, buildings, cityscapes, props, costumes, variety of species, etc.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic was the first MMO I ever played, and is one I still rev ...[text shortened]... ive-action movies and shows; I rarely watch cartoons or anime, so haven't seen the animated series).
    The Clone Wars on Disney+ is a treat.

    7 seasons of half-hour episodes telling the story of (one guess) The Clone Wars. The full story of Darth Maul is also told here. The best thing about the series is that we see a young Ahsoka Tano grow from a newbie padawan to a major character and powerful Jedi. She eventually became a General in the Clone Wars in her own right and she's the one who finally brought Darth Maul to justice. Order 66 and its devastation on the Jedi Order was also covered in the last season. Don't let the whole "It's just a cartoon" get in the way of a great bunch of Star Wars storytelling. And now since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, it is canon as well. After The Clone Wars try Rebels, also on Disney+. Also canon, it tells a great story about several relatively heretofore unknown characters. Including Thrawn, who shows up in the last season.
  2. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    03 Sep '22 06:05

    Bye, Suzi. May the force be with you.
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