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It had to end, but it's sad.713 Oct '21 13:29mchillShallow Blue
Dead and Company208 Oct '21 09:55hakimaWoofwoof
Abba407 Oct '21 19:28Shallow BlueShallow Blue
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir103 Oct '21 21:18sonshipsonship
The Social Dilemma on Netflix502 Oct '21 14:34LiljoWoofwoof
This Is Some BS Music408 Sep '21 11:57Dood111Ponderable
When it's THIS good....206 Jul '21 16:01mchillmoonbus
Relaxing426 May '21 04:13mchillogb
Films1424 May '21 05:48TorunnSuzianne
the English516 May '21 13:15ogbogb
FF7 Remake1205 May '21 08:45vivifyvivify
"Nomadland wins best picture Oscar as Chloé Zha...801 May '21 14:22Duchess64Duchess64
Golden Globe Film Awards801 May '21 11:23Duchess64Suzianne
Debussy's Slippers417 Mar '21 08:17Benjamin BarkerBenjamin Barker
Culture in a pandemic204 Feb '21 03:11mchillSuzianne
"Raw, brave, wild and honest: why Germany is Eu...302 Feb '21 03:18Duchess64Duchess64
Resident Alien130 Jan '21 18:05Dood111Dood111
are English people still "reserved" ?111 Jan '21 19:37ogbogb
films1004 Jan '21 16:48brushDood111
Please Help Naming This Film403 Jan '21 00:47Dood111mwmiller
presents418 Dec '20 06:37ogbCheesemaster
Streaming stuff227 Nov '20 07:54Suziannektadaddy
Grieg's Piano Concerto, almost117 Nov '20 12:42moonbusmoonbus
All's fair in love and...325 Oct '20 02:55ogbAverageJoe1
Have a favorite?220 Oct '20 23:43WoofwoofAnitya
Notable video games2704 Oct '20 20:10SuzianneAThousandYoung
A series of unfortunate events / Gravity Falls501 Oct '20 23:37shavixmirstalin
No more youtube music525 Sep '20 08:22mchillSuzianne
ASLAP (John Cage)1323 Sep '20 08:54Pianoman1Ponderable
Every Little Helps!203 Sep '20 07:03Benjamin BarkerSuzianne

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