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The Curse of the Chess Blog

Red Hot Pawn member Venda won the book title competition with an
imaginative effort that is RHP based and original. I liked it because...

no title

...I am the Walrus by The Beatle gives me an excuse to show my Green ‘Pawn’ McCartney.
no title

Regular readers will recall what happened the last time I ran a win a book competition...

Chess 2022 The Musical Competition


How about that for a nerd gold medal, look at the time for a New Year post.
One minute past midnight. This must be the first blog in my time zone for 2022.

(originally the claim was to be first anywhere but I've been reminded
that other places celebrated the New Year a long time before me.) ...

Chess Christmas Special

pawn Santa hat

Here is your Christmas treat for 2021 presented to us by Vladimir Korolkoc
White to play and mate in 10 moves (do not panic, I’m giving the solution.)

8/8/8/p1K4p/k1ppppRp/rp5B/1P2q3/8 w - - 0 1


World Championship (Game Eleven)

no title

That is it then, it’s all over. Magnus retains his world title 4-0 with 7 draws.
Nepomniachtchi took a big gamble and played 23.g3 when a draw with
sensible risk free play was on the table. A draw of course was no good
as that would leave Carlsen just needing a draw with the white pieces in
the next round and winning the next three games to just tie the match did
not appeal to Nepomniachtchi so he rolled the dice and the throw was bad...

World Championship (Game 10)

no title

That is the header I was going to use for the tie breaks when cartoon chess
takes over. Now it looks very much like we will not be seeing tie breaks.

Nepo has a few games left to put a victory on the board, Carlsen won't take his foot
of the gas, the idea of whitewash will appeal so we should get a few good games. ...

World Championship (Game Nine)

no title

After going 2-0 down the vultures have started circling over the
head of Nepomniachtchi and everyone (me included ) has been
offering him advice on what to do next (I want him to play 1.a3.)

His team must have a few opening twists in their locker to be used
in case their man fell behind. If so then now is the time to open it...

World Championship (Game Eight)

no title

Just over halfway though the Chess World Championship and...

(Give the playing schedule greenpawn....Russ)

no title

Just over halfway though the Chess World Championship an...

World Championship (Game Seven)

no title

After yesterdays game, 7 hours 45 minutes and a Carlsen win, it will be
interesting to see how Nepomniachtchi’s reacts. He may go for a quick
strike back or play safe to recover and recuperate. One thing is for certain,
if Carlsen senses Nepo has been shaken and is unsteady, he will go for him.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1637958190.png}The Rules{/imgblock...

World Championship (Game Six)

me one

And before you start writing in and asking the answer is ‘No’
you cannot buy my chess waistcoat. I saw a picture years ago
of it being worn by an arbiter and contacted them to see if I
could have it as they surely will never wear it again. I got it!

And here is the original of the doctored picture I used above...

World Championship (Game Five)

no title

That picture was meant for game four but then I remembered
that it was Magnus Carlsen’s birthday so I did a cake instead.

( I spend more time on the cartoons than I do analysing the games.)

Game 5 was in my opinion a pretty dull affair. It had the makings of a cracker but...

World Championship (Game Four)

no title

Today is Magnus’s birthday. He is 31 today and we can all remember
what happened the last time he played a world title game on his birthday.

M. Carlsen - S. Karjakin, final rapid game, World Championship 2016

World Championship (Game Three)

no title

First the answers from last weeks Chess Trivia Quiz. There were four
questions but due to some glitch (see below) only three had valid answers.

1) Karpov, Reggae and Crocodile Shoes.
2) The missing word was ‘faradisation.’
3) ‘No’ however you can on a Thursday...

World Championship (Game Two)

no title

First of all the eagerly awaited result of the anagram competition.
I asked for the best anagram of ‘Carlsen Nepomniachtchi’ and the
winner who came up with best answer was the R.H.P. member
‘Charlie the Racoon’ with his entry: ‘Nepomniachtchi Carlsen.’

Charlie wins a sets of door hinges and 16 self tapping screws....

World Championship (Game One)

The Title

I was conned by a street shark who sold me a ticket for game one starting
on Wednesday 24th November. That was the date of the opening ceremony
for the important FIDE people to make speeches and everyone applauded.

me ticket

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1637852424.png}close ticket{/imgblock...

World Chess Championship (the intro)


I’ve arrived and It’s hot, I knew it would be hot but not as hot as this.
The only people I see at midday are a few mad dogs and Englishmen.

A scenic view of the Dubai skyline.


Book Prize + 50 move rule + Puzzles

The winner of last blogs caption competition was FMDavidHLevin
The was picked by Keith Ruxton He just saw the entries, no names.

Title here

The winners book prize was ‘Secrets of Chess Training’ by Mark Dvoretsky.
I have two copies (both picked at different times from different junk shops.) ...

Chess Caption Competition

Title here

The best entry - see below where to post it, will be sent a prize!

Here is a late result. Sorry about the delay, blame global warming.

The World Rapid Chess Championship for Kids took place in November 1998
at Disneyland, Paris. It consisted of 9 rounds, each player with 25 minutes each...

Chess Pieces Celebrate a Goal

Went to London for a day trip and an excuse to visit the Chess & Bridge Centre.

no title

I bought loads of chess goodies but whilst I was away my chess pieces binged
themselves on Premier League Football. Now every time they capture a piece
the all the run to corner to celebrate. Here a Knight has just take a red pawn. ...

Viz Chess and the Siberian Mortimer

Title here

The October 2021 Viz featured five pages on Chess.
(and you were wondering where I get my ideas from.)

For those of you not familiar with Viz. It’s an adult comic that does not take
itself seriously and contains some very near to the knuckle cartoon sketches. ...

Chess, Chicks and Rock 'n' Roll

Me promoting my new chess book at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Title here

‘Chess, Chicks and Rock ‘n’ Roll.’

In 1989 I found chicken wandering about the streets, apparently it had
just crossed the road. I took it home and to my surprise it laid an egg...

The Chess Buzz

I am defo...( a slang word I picked up from my granddaughter, it means, definitely.)

I am defo going to get one of these..

Title here

I’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug and....wait for it....this next gag took
me three days to think up...I’ll have a good Knights sleep!!...

The Best Chess Problem in the World...

Title here

...was ruined by some idiot insisting he gets into the picture.

(inspired by Gary Larson)

Title here

The best problem in the world has been ruined. Try this. White to play and win...

Chess Training!

My latest acquisition from a junk shop. This is the best way to sharpen up your chess.

Title here

You have to solve the puzzle your are solving before the train does three laps.
However, depending on the difficulty level, you can increase the number of laps.
‘Noises Are Us’ do a super CD of train noises for you to play in the background. ...

Chess at the Ballet

no title

I am sure you have all heard of Arthur Edward Drummond Bliss (1891-1975). It was
he who wrote the music for the ballet ‘Checkmate.’ which was first performed in 1937.

One of the scenes is where the Black Queen fights the Red Knight.

The fight

The Red Knight wins he but cannot bring himself to put the Black Queen...

Lasker's 'The Chess Self Tutor'

Title here

Bishops in a Bottle.

I recently picked this up for a 50p. I t was published in 1972 to catch the Fischer boom.

Title here

Do any of you remember or still have a copy of this...

Snow White and Seven Green Pawns

Snow White and the Seven Green Pawns
Title here

green pawns

We start with a tricky problem by Lord Dunsany, White to play and mate in 4.
Look carefully, it is a legal position and there is only one reason why it can be.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1622534827.png}Title here{/imgblock...

A Punk Rook and Fat Chess Pieces

Title here

(picture sent in my 'Fat Lady' an old RHP member)
green pawns

A few weeks back someone posted a game in the Chess Forum that had about 6 or 7
consecutive captures. I looked for other games with more on the trot captures.

dare1 - You Have One Week RHP 200...

Chess Flags - A New Idea.

Title here

It appears that Russia is under an international sporting ban and it looks like
Ian Nepomniachtchchi cannot play under the Russian flag during his world
championship match with Magnus Carlsen in November-December in Dubai.

Older viewers will remember the flag row from the 1978 Karpov - Korchnoi
match. Team Karpov objected to Korchnoi playing under a Swiss flag a...

How Come The Good Chess Players Are So Good?

Don’t look or work it out. You have 5 seconds.

Title here

Imagine you can see a normal chessboard and;

Title here

it is 6 moves, most people, me included, go for 5 moves...

The Tennison Gambit + RHP Gold Dust.

The Chess Playing Automaton.

the turk

Automen duck

Yes but I can now reveal there was actually a man inside operating it!

flipped lid
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1490275699.png}green pawns{/imgblock...

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