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    16 Feb '08
    13 Jun '19 18:01
    Donald Trump has deleted a tweet where he referred to the UK's future king as the "Prince of Whales".

    OK so no ones prefect of course, and I make a typo in virtually every post I make on Red Hot Porn, butt I’m not the leader of the free world, the President of the United Stares, and this is not a global socialist media platform where my posts are read by billions of people.

    Just what is going on in the Wight House!?
  2. Subscriberkevcvs57
    The wrong side of 60
    22 Dec '11
    13 Jun '19 21:101 edit
    @wolfgang59 said
    Not getting "Moby Dick" was Trump's Vietnam wasn't it?
    A nearly funny correspondent on BBCs 100 days wondered if Trump had made the mistake on porpoise 🐬
  3. SubscriberPaul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    The Stacks
    21 Aug '09
    14 Jun '19 18:371 edit
    Hi all,

    I recently played in the Space Coast Open in Cocoa Beach Florida USA. It is an annual event orchestrated by the Space Coast Chess Foundation, which is a bunch of former and current NASA Rocket Scientists who also love chess.

    It's at a hotel on the Beach, and my wife and daughters "force" me to play in it because they love the beach.

    I have been playing poorly in OTB chess this year, and as a result I had dropped down into the B section from the A section.

    This was a round 1 game. My opponent withdrew and re-entered to play in the 2 day version, and we ended up tying for 1st Place after I choked in my last round. His last move in the game shortened it a bit, but all his moves were losing at that point, so he helped us both get to bed sooner on Friday night.

    In any event, I won $400 for playing, and this game also placed 3rd in the Brilliancy Prize competition, so I won an additional $50.

    "Brilliancy" is a poor name- it should be something like a "Good Game" prize, as I consider brilliancies to be rare, and this isn't one of them. It is pretty good, though, and demonstrates the dangers of leaving loose pieces and having your king in the center of the board.

  4. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    14 Jun '19 17:21
    @very-rusty said
    I will start "Ghost Of A Duke" ' goad ' which fits the poster perfectly in my humble opinion. 😉

    Since when were your opinions humble? Very Rustic, indeed.
  5. Subscriberrookie54
    free tazer tickles..
    wildly content...
    09 Mar '08
    14 Jun '19 21:18
    "Nick Names for Posters"

    cheap wall art
  6. Standard memberbadradger
    the pie shop
    09 Sep '18
    15 Jun '19 08:21
    @very-rusty said
    I will start "Ghost Of A Duke" ' goad ' which fits the poster perfectly in my humble opinion. 😉

    VR my name for you is 0ldtwatyb0ll0cks
  7. Standard membersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    13 Jun '19 15:07
    Just yesterday George Popalopugus interviewed Trump on ABC and asked Trump if he would call the FBI if someone from another country said they have dirt on your opponant and he said, that is not how it goes, I never called the FBI in my life, I would look at the information. Popa said the FBI says that is wrong. Trump says THE FBI IS WRONG.

    I don't know what else we need to prove his is MORE than just a sleaseball, he is an out and out criminal who doesn't care about democratic norms, he will do anything including illegal dirt handed to him from the Russians, he mentioned Norway, but whatever, he would look at it.
    The thing is, if you even LOOK at such data you are now in the pocket of the adversary country whether you know it or not.
    You are blackmailable. And Trump just SAYING what he did is a direct invitation to any adversary country to get their feet in the WH door.
    This goes beyond mere criminality. It strikes at the heart of our democratic system and is more akin to treason than anything else.
    Trump KNOWS his polls are in the dumpster and he will do ANYTHING to win again even if it is to do a repeat of 2016.
    It is well known Putin ordered his agents to cyber attack the democrat hq and that treasonous Flynn gave them internal polling data as well. How a dude can go from being a 4 star general to being a traitor is beyond me and I hope the throw the book at him come sentencing time.
  8. Joined
    07 Feb '09
    13 Jun '19 15:15
    The entire White House staff must be in the middle of a group forehead slapping session right now.
  9. Arch Stantons Grave
    04 Feb '11
    13 Jun '19 22:17
    Never trust an atom.
    They make up everything.
  10. Joined
    16 Feb '08
    14 Jun '19 07:15
    @moonbus said
    He is misoverestimated.
    I have a theory that Trumps foibles stem largely from him never having had to really work for anything in his entire life. Consequently he has acquired no discipline, no work ethic, no mental rigour on which he can rely when he’s on the toilet posting on twatter.

    The man is a happenstance of our time. His appearing is like the manifestation of a recessive gene, one where he has emerged as an unfavourable trait. He is the result of the multiple recessive alleles of birthright, enormous privilege and societal failure coalescing to produce a cartoon of human being who has found himself in the big chair.

    The trick for Americans is not to reproduce with him.
  11. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
    A Spirited Misfit
    in London
    14 Mar '15
    14 Jun '19 09:401 edit
    @wolfe63 said
    The phantom of fear,
    promoted and expressed.
    Becomes superstition,
    at twilight...undressed.
    Now the phantom was malicious,
    though highly superstitious,
    and would only give a fright,
    each day at twilight.
    Thank God he is fictitious.

    (To avoid any confusion, the above is NOT an entry to the competition).
  12. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    14 Jun '19 17:191 edit
    Removed by poster.

    I've had kinder welcomes.
  13. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    14 Jun '19 21:01
    @shavixmir said

    Does it remind you of the US at the UN showing us Iraq’s WMD’s?
    It should.
    Did President Trump ask the Prince of Whales if he was worried about sea mines
    endangering any of his subjects?
  14. SubscriberBigDoggProblemonline
    Just...the Dogg
    26 Nov '04
    15 Jun '19 03:30
    I do not often post. But, if I lock my teeth in, you have a Big Dogg Problem.
  15. Standard memberwolfgang59
    Mr. Wolf
    at home
    09 Jun '07
    16 Jun '19 03:02
    @eladar said

    Sunday is Father's day in the US.

    Personally I do not see the purpose of these days if you are just going to see your parents on a handful of special days.
    The purpose of Fathers' Day is that I get breakfast cooked for me!
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