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  1. Standard memberbadradger
    the pie shop
    09 Sep '18
    05 Apr '20 12:35
    @divegeester said
    Logged on, had a look, logged off again.
    logged on saw your post and logged off again.
  2. Standard membercaissad4
    Child of the Novelty
    San Antonio, Texas
    08 Mar '04
    06 Apr '20 05:56
    @flopwrist said
    The queen and her husband killing native kids for pleasure.
    Investigation still open.
    I would trade Trump and Pence to the UK for her any day .
  3. Subscriberrookie54online
    free tazer tickles..
    wildly content...
    09 Mar '08
    02 Apr '20 15:50
    @very-rusty said
    Ok, just seems like you are putting a lot of suggestions for someone who isn't going to be involved.

    sweet jumpin jiminy crackerfish

  4. Standard memberwolfgang59
    09 Jun '07
    04 Apr '20 08:04
    This is dedicated to NHS workers but I think it applicable around the world.
  5. Subscriberhakima
    The Razor's Edge
    08 Sep '08
    05 Apr '20 23:31
    This is SELF ISOLATION- This is hilarious. Hope it makes you all laugh!

    My Self-Isolation Quarantine Diary:

    Day 1 – I Can Do This!! Got enough food and wine to last a month!

    Day 2 – Opening my 8th bottle of Wine. I fear wine supplies might not last

    Day 3 – Strawberries: Some have 210 seeds, some have 235 seeds. Who Knew??

    Day 4 – 8:00pm. Removed my Day Pajamas and put on my Night Pajamas.

    Day 5 – Today, I tried to make Hand Sanitizer. It came out as Jello Shots!!

    Day 6 – I get to take the Garbage out. I’m So excited, I can’t decide what to wear.

    Day 7 – Laughing way too much at my own jokes!!

    Day 8 – Went to a new restaurant called “The Kitchen”. You have to gather all the ingredients and make your own meal. I have No clue how this place is still in business.

    Day 9 – I put liquor bottles in every room. Tonight, I’m getting all dressed up and going Bar hopping.

    Day 10 – Struck up a conversation with a Spider today. Seems nice. He’s a Web Designer.

    Day 11 – Isolation is hard. I swear my fridge just said, “What the hell do you want now?”

    Day 12 – I realized why dogs get so excited about something moving outside, going for walks or car rides. I think I just barked at a squirrel.

    Day 13 – If you keep a glass of wine in each hand, you can’t accidently touch your face.

    Day 14 – Watched the birds fight over a worm. The Cardinals led the Blue Jays 3–1.

    Day 15 – Anybody else feel like they’ve cooked dinner about 395 times this month?
  6. Standard memberwolfgang59
    09 Jun '07
    05 Apr '20 22:16
    Not a fan of royalty but have greatest respect for Liz II.

    Compare that with Trump.
  7. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    06 Apr '20 19:27
    The seriousness of this disease is beyond comprehension.

    I wish Boris well. Politics is no consideration at this point. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
  8. Standard memberHandyAndy
    Non sum qualis eram
    At the edge
    23 Sep '06
    08 Apr '20 17:16
    @very-rusty said
    Well if goad is going to vote and not write I am going to change my mind and vote for 'Freewheeling'. No other vote was made by me.

    Didn't you agree to stop interfering with this thread?
  9. Shav’s kitchen
    16 Feb '08
    02 Apr '20 06:58
    @duchess64 said
    All my predictions (which have enraged racist trolls)
    so far about expected deaths have come true.
    You must glistening with sweaty pride.
  10. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
    Hero of the masses
    in London
    14 Mar '15
    02 Apr '20 10:58
    @wolfgang59 said
    It was very good for 3 minutes but you wasted those last 30 seconds!
    btw: the Prose competition won't be the same without you!
    Are you still going to work or isolating?
    Ha! Too kind sir. Working from home at present.

    Below is a poem I just wrote for my mum on Facebook, who is currently on her own in isolation and missing the grandkids. (Her only outside adventure is climbing a hill twice a week to top up a leaking communal pond, to keep the fish alive).

    Twice a week she climbs a hill
    to fill her pond with water
    she’s grateful that she has a son,
    …she also has a daughter.

    Though stuck in isolation
    she’s far from being lazy,
    has cleaned every room twenty times,
    we fear she’s going crazy.

    Despite her marbles lost
    our hero doesn’t gripe,
    she plays her son at quizzes,
    and has even learned to Skype.

    In several weeks she will emerge,
    like a tortoise or a mole,
    she’ll hop around like Gollum
    drink her coffee from a bowl.

    But no matter how much she de-evolves,
    behaves a little dumb,
    we’ll all be glad to have her back,
    because she is our mum.
  11. Joined
    23 Nov '11
    02 Apr '20 16:43
    @eladar said

    Was Coronavirus in the headlines?
    What is in the headlines should not be dictating the president's agenda. He was hired by voters to lead country and he has failed. He should be focusing on expert advice from experts but all he really cares about is his own ego.
  12. Gothenburg
    11 Mar '16
    03 Apr '20 19:42
    @very-rusty said
    ROFLMAO..........I thought you wanted to keep this about voting on the topic of what would be writen about?

    I am probably much to old to be your son. Perhaps think before you type?

    Suck it? What is this talk about? Would I need a telescope to see it?

    Please Rusty, just vote and let others do too. It's what the thread is for.
  13. Joined
    20 Oct '16
    03 Apr '20 20:15
    Personally, I didn't really like the idea of a theme. I felt that it constrained some writers by making their writing contrived. I enjoyed reading whatever people's minds came up with during the pre-theme era.
  14. SubscriberSuzianne
    Misfit Queen
    Isle of Misfit Toys
    08 Aug '03
    04 Apr '20 06:34
    @very-rusty said
    Yea, As I assumed you are bias. Why should I get a vote on the Theme if I am not writing? I think only those actually writing should get a vote.

    You do the thread an injustice by being bias and taking sides. WE both do the thread an injustice by arguing about it in the thread.

    You argue in EVERY thread.
  15. Joined
    31 Mar '20
    04 Apr '20 14:33
    Let's not forget the food service people who are still handling money from hundreds of customers every day.
    They are taking a risk also and they are not in bio-suits like the nurses and doctors.
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