1. Joined
    26 Jul '23
    31 Jul '23 18:43
    Hi there, I'm pretty new to this site and things work differently here than on other sites. My question is, (and this may have been asked many times before, sorry about that) how do I get to choose which piece to promote to? In a recent game I got a pawn to the 8th rank but no message came up asking which piece I would like to promote to. so I thought, OK, maybe it will ask when I press the submit move button, but it didn't ask. When I went to look it just gave me a queen! Maybe I didn't want a queen but a rook to stop a stalemate. Anyway, I'd just like to know how I can choose which piece. Thanks in advance.
  2. SubscriberRagwort
    Senecio Jacobaea
    04 Jul '09
    31 Jul '23 18:55

    If you are playing on the main site either by mobile browser or PC then the promotion options are in a small box in the game details section to the right of the main board above submit move but below the names of the players. The android app gives options similar to other sites, I can't speak for i-phone app.
  3. Joined
    26 Jul '23
    01 Aug '23 00:40
    Thanks mate, never even noticed that box!

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