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The 2023 Red Hot Pawn Christmas Quiz507 Dec '23 13:24greenpawn34greenpawn34
What is your favourite opening1907 Dec '23 11:55BOBDANIEL09venda
Previous months records705 Dec '23 09:23rookorbycrookrookorbycrook
A useful tool130 Nov '23 12:17mchillmchill
Thematics club's tournament229 Nov '23 09:17fabien75venda
Mohamed Salah328 Nov '23 12:33jb70Ponderable
Chess openings1327 Nov '23 09:38MartinSvenda
Mobile chess226 Nov '23 07:06pawnpawRagwort
Non-typical mate in 11025 Nov '23 13:50BigDoggmwmiller
Amazing rating for a P player424 Nov '23 22:45MartinSMartinS
An Englishman, an Irishman and The Benko.123 Nov '23 21:00greenpawn34greenpawn34
1111 time-outs323 Nov '23 18:42PonderableTony Danza
texasnurse shall be making her 2nd Millionth Mo...1422 Nov '23 13:38ZorroTheFoxvenda
Incredible p rating321 Nov '23 13:55MartinSPonderable
The Queen's Gambit and the Isle of Man311 Nov '23 14:40greenpawn34greenpawn34
A Public Appeal to Chess Organisations on the B...1611 Nov '23 14:06EintaluJvenda
Hastings109 Nov '23 11:16mchillmchill
Positions from My Youth V106 Nov '23 17:14FMDavidHLevinFMDavidHLevin
Accepting an open invite1605 Nov '23 21:29MartinSMartinS
Before you buy anything, please watch.105 Nov '23 04:29mchillmchill
David, Jovanka (and me) Isle of Man Chess.401 Nov '23 07:38greenpawn34BigDogg
My Chess Wrist Watch120 Oct '23 12:53greenpawn34greenpawn34
How long have you owned your set?819 Oct '23 19:37mchillmedullah
Endgame escape615 Oct '23 22:44BigDoggBigDogg
Diddled by Dawson and 2 Million Chess Moves.311 Oct '23 21:16greenpawn34greenpawn34
A sad day in chess history607 Oct '23 12:52mchillZorroTheFox
Chess in a T.V. Advert102 Oct '23 09:21greenpawn34greenpawn34
Birth of a Chess Pitfall225 Sep '23 13:29greenpawn34mchill
Mate in 4 - release the Bishop2025 Sep '23 00:09BigDoggBigDogg
Domination of Queen620 Sep '23 06:16BigDoggBigDogg

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