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The 2023 Chess World Championship (the intro.)

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A prelude to the coming World Chess Championship that is being played in
the St. Regis Astana Hotel, Astana, in Kazakhstan starting on the 9th April.

First I shall explain the flags. Nepomniachtchi (from now on Nepo the fully
accepted name used by everyone) is a Russian and due to sporting sanctions
imposed against Russia because of the current conflict in the Ukraine he can...

This will be 'Test Tube Chess' part II

And speaking of covers. I always try to start off this blog with an interesting
picture or drawing or what ever. Last week I did a piece on ‘Test Tube Chess’
A few days after posting I thought up a good cover for that book which, if you
recall the cover position to solve nearly put me off chess studies forever. .

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No need to applaud or PM me with praise as to how gifted I am. I already know...

Test Tube Chess

Today we meet an old friend with whom I had lost contact with many years ago.

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We recently met again courtesy of a friend unloading his chess books.

When ever this book came up in conversation I always mention that I nearly gave
up ever looking inside because the first things I did was to try the White to play...

Amazing Bishops and Knight Triangles

I came across one of these. It’s a Bishop Maze (9 moves)

1k6/8/6n1/8/4n3/1n6/8/4B2K w - - 0 1
Only the Bishop moves, nothing else. The Bishop must never move onto a
square where it can be taken and you have to place the Black King in check

If you want to give it a go then I’m giving the answer at the bottom of this blog...

Simple Chess and the Corridor Mate.

This book, quite rightly so, has been hailed as a mini classic.

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Quite a few of the older members here will have the one of the left.
For some reason, possibly a business going into administration the one
on the right (algebraic) is popping up in Oxfam charity shops all over
the country with players reporting the price varying from £2.99 - £3.99...

Chocolates, CHESS and Carlsen.

How about this for self control.

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I was sent these chocolate chess pieces...

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...15 years ago and I’ve still not eaten them....

The Tal Book WInner and Blind Swine Mate

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The story so far. Detective Paul Green (green pawn...gedditt!!) the handsome
all round athlete with a full head of hair was trying to solve the murders of six
members of the Red Hill Chess Club. He had narrowed the suspects down to ten.

Five men, four woman and a dog called Blue. All the victims had been strangled
in their sleep. (spoiler alert! The dog did it with his leash. It was a clever dog....

Tal Book Competition and Bullet Chess

To win ‘The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal’ all you need do is...

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...guess how many pocket chess set pieces are in the shot glass.

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There are three sets involved so no more than 48....

A Bonanza of Chess Blunders

Last week I promised I’d run a competition to win this book.

Title here

Here are the rules. I put the book on E-Bay and who bids the most for it, gets it!

Title here

I’ve not thought up anything ‘green pawnish suitable’ ye...

The Happy New Year 2023 Chess Blog

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Happy New Year and if your Birthday happens to also be on the
first of January then Happy Birthday as well. If you got married on the
first of January then Happy Anniversary. If you retired on the first....

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A quick look back at last year. (because I cannot think of anything else. ...

2022 Chess Christmas Quiz and Games

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They put a concrete chessboard outside Murrayfield Rugby Stadium
So I turned up with my blue (Scotland) and red (Wales) and chess set.




The Boden Kieseritzky Gambit.

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Before we have a look at this weeks puzzle play over this one.
jsully - bpermaculture RHP 2022

1. g7 Rf5+ 2. Kg8 {2...Kg6 3.Kh8 Rh5+ Rh7 and Rxg7 is a simple Black win.} 2... Rg5 {But now it is a draw.} 3. Kh8 Rxg7 {Remember that stalemate pattern.} ...

The Berlin Trap...From the English Opening.

What is the name of the famous railway station where I bought this book.

no title

Kings Cross
no title

Do not read any of these non-chess books that are full of useless trivialities.
(or as the publishers would have you believe, ‘it’s full of fascinating facts.’ ...

Did Hans Cheat v Magnus (My 400th Blog)

Title here

The most famous game of chess must be Morphy at the Opera, Paris 1858.
Not the best game ever played, the most famous, the difference is important.

In the last few months another game has become famous, or depending on
your point of view, infamous and many points of view have been expressed
about the Carlsen - Niemann game played at St. Louis on the 4th September...

The Loose Brick in the Berlin Wall

The Loose Brick in the Berlin Wall
no title

From a 1919 Viz comic.

Guess The Famous Chess Player No. 19. Who is this?

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Not a Book Review and Blunder Castling.

no title

Happy Halloween

Recently I picked up these two books...

no title

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1666877331.png}no title{/imgblock...

Chess Anagrams and Jigsaws

Hi, an anagram of ‘Magnus Hans’ is 'U.S. Hangs Man.' An anagram of
‘Carlsen Niemann’ is 'Man Sinner Clean.' And that is as far we go with
what has been happening in the ‘adult’ world of Grandmaster chess.

Chess Jigsaw No.29.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1666453881.png}no title{/imgblock...

Hear No Evil, See No Evil...

I’m still keeping you safe from what is happening in the real world.
So it is hear no rumours, see no rumours and speak no rumours.

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And by pure luck when I was googling about I can across this;

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1665737214.png}no title{/imgblock...

I've Been Cheated!

Hello again and do not fear I am not going to mention him and the other guy.

no title

I know I promised no more about cheating but I’ve been cheated...robbed!
I found this ‘problem.’ in a very old CHESS magazine I was reading to
escape all the chess madness that is going about. The composer was Kling. ...

The Fischer and Sir George Thomas Connection

Title here

I know you come here to escape reality and it’s not too often I dip your toes into
what’s going on out there in the real world but the latest Magnus Carlsen v Hans
Niemann soap opera is rolling on. When and where it will finish nobody knows

Title here

After the walk out in St. Louis Magnus ‘I don’t want my title but you...

out tweet
What a crazy past few days in the chess world. Everyone has gone mad.

Magnus Carlsen who stepped down from being world champion has
now walked out of the Sinquefield tournament after 3 rounds and leaving
behind a whole army of experts and idiots all speculating as to the why?

Psychiatrists, artists, businessmen, journalists, soothsayers and...

Zorro reaches 2,500,000 chess moves


In years to come when all the world’s chess historians meet up at the
Royal and Ancient Chess Historians Club on The Strand in London they
will agree that the most important date in chess history is the 1st September.

It was on the 1st of September 1972 that Boris Spassky resigned, by phone, game
21 of the World Championship match and Bobby Fischer became World Champion...

Capablanca Loses 100 Games of Chess

Mad Magazine June 1957.
mad magazine

And inside we see a mention of Capablanca losing every game in a simul.



Whilst surfing about for that I found some Sci-fi books with chess covers. ...

London v Edinburgh (Game Five) The Crafty Scots.

London one

I’m not too fact I have no idea at all of what the London Chess
Club badge looked like, if indeed it had one, so I have made that one up.
I’ve also guessed at the year of foundation, it could have been in the 1790’s.

Of course their badge could have looked something like this. ...

The London - Edinburgh Chess Match (game 2)


This year The Edinburgh Chess Club celebrates it’s 200th anniversary..

Rather than go into other details about events planned and ruined (Covid)
I thought here, on my blog thingy, I would just concentrate on the match
that secured the club it’s place in history. (though being the second oldest
chess club in the world that is still running, that too is quite noteworthy...

The Chess Race to 2900

The player formerly known as the world champion has actually done what he
threatened to do and become the player formerly known as the world champion.

Kitchen table philosophy has been rife all over the net as to the why and what not.
The general consensus appears to be he needs a new target to get back his interest in
the game and the world title was just in the way of his real ambition. A rating of 2900! ...

The Bishop and Two Rooks

Greenpawn’s green pawn.

no title

I Recently rediscovered this mate in three by Eugene B. Cook.

6k1/6b1/6KR/5R2/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 1
I knew (or felt I knew, my memory is playing OAP tricks on me these days) I had...

The Jerome Gambit

This is my yacht, ‘The Jerome Gambit’ (St Jerome is the patron saint of lost causes.)

no title

I have recently crewed it with little ducks. (see the blog about the Duck getting married.)

no title

It sails on a regular basis on a large boating pond in Edinburgh...

The Anand Blunder (a chess bloggers dream.)

Every Thursday and Sunday afternoon there is chess in Edinburgh’s
Princes St. Gardens. I go along most days to meet some old buddies
(and I mean old), catch up with the gossip and play a few blitz games.

Last Sunday a bunch of artists turned up to sketch Edinburgh Castle.
(I have since invented the collective term for artists is a ‘paint pot’.) ...

Live Chess Cartoons and Problems

Title here

Not (sadly) an original, this is a live version of a cartoon that
I saw in the April edition of the 1992 British Chess Magazine.
me like cartoon

That was 30 years ago. Now the I look like the psychiatrist in the cartoon.

Also in that edition of BCM John Nunn is noting up the game between...

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