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Birth of a Chess Pitfall.

A truly pathetic chess joke No 53

no title

green pawns

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(Picture from Edward Winter’s Chess Notes site.) ...

A Ghost Story and Endgame Ernie

no title

And this is me on lounging on the beach reading a CHESS magazine.

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Inside the magazine on the puzzle page was this one.

Le Tuan Minh - D. Paravyan, Internet Blitz 2023 (White to play...

Poor Pawns and Rooks on the Rocks.

poor pawn


I happened to be reading ‘The Delights of Chess’ which is the follow up book
to ‘Adventure in Chess’ both by Assiac the apt pen name of Heinrich Fraenkel
1897-1986 Assiac is ‘Caissa’ in reverse. both books are a mine of rich treasure.

Within the ‘Delights’ book I found this study by Emanuel Lasker...

Rooks and Bishops and Strange Mates

I was very disappointed that CHESS magazine did not do a Chess World
Cup pull out wall chart so we could all follow our favourite players progress.

Undeterred when it got down to the last 16 and much to the annoyance of my neighbours
I painted my own progress chart on a wall that is just across the road from where I live.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1692769555.png}no title{/imgblock...

Linking Chess with Historical Places (No. 63 in the series.)

Title here

Here I am playing chess on a mobile outside the house where
Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone was born.
He is not to be confused with Alexander the Great or any other
famous Alexander like Alexander Archipelago or Alekhine...

Bits of The British and The World Cup

There it is...

rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1
Stare at that unspoilt wonderland where roam wizards, witches, pixies and goblins,
fabulous unicorns, foul smelling creatures of the night, wise old snakes, oak trees,
golden meadows, sparking rivers, dark dank caves and treasure...lots of treasure. ...

Hey Look, There is a Free Rook.

no title

green pawns

Whilst going though ‘Endgame Studies’ by Hans Bouwmeester

no title

I came across this ‘easy to solve position.’ by N.G. Grigoriev.
‘and easy’ was my first impression. It looks like child’s play...

Philidor at the Opera (not Morphy)

A bust of Francois-Andre ‘just call me Andy’ Philidor (1726-1795)

no title

It’s on the facade at the Opera Garnier in Paris.

A cartoon I knocked up after seeing a similar idea
with Masons shaking hands before a tennis match...

Knights Galore

I was at Linlithgow Palace to watch a mock medieval jousting tournament.
Good day out. Here I am with one of the Knights who let me wear his hat.

no title

(It’s a helmet not a hat...but this is good keep it going...Russ)

Me with a chess at a window seat in Linlithgow Palace...

Queen Sacs, Pawn Promotions and Pennan

I completed Quest No.34 a few days ago.

no title

Me at the remote Scottish village of Pennan. I’m outside
the famous red telephone box used in the film ‘Local Hero.’

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1688115330.png}no title{/imgblock...

I took my pocket chess set to the seaside to study my pawn endings.

no title

I was hoping some beach babes would happen along and find me cool.
Alas all l attracted was a few curious seagulls and a stray dog that pee’d
on one of the Kings. Then the tide came in and washed the whole lot away.
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1490275699.png}green pawns{/imgblock...

Geller v Golombek and the Joint Brilliancy Prize.

This is me studying my King and Pawn endings in bed.
no title

green pawns

Three puzzles for you this week all with a similar theme.
No need for a clue. You will get the idea very s’ooo’n.

R. Mamedov - D. Navara, Romanian Grand Prix 202...

The Birth (or berth) of a Variation.

no title

no title

no title

Just one puzzle to solve this week. It tripped me up when I first tried it.

A. Korobov - A. Volokitin, Ukraine 2001
3r1r1k/p3q2p/1pRRQ1p1/4p3/1P2P3/P4Pp1/6P1/4bBBK b - - 0 30...

The Q.G.A. and Chess Wizardy

no title

no title

I took it from the cover of this book.

no title

It is White to play and win. I’ll take you though it. ...

Step Into Carlsen's Shoes + Giri v DIng

no title

They are here at last, Whoopee! I’ll be cruising Carlsen like in my neighbour
looking cool as I shoot a few hoops. (that’s Basketball for you uncool nerds.)

The adverts promotional bit.
"A new chess-themed edition of PUMA’s iconic Clyde sneaker featuring five
time world champion Magnus Carlsen’s signature is about to hit the streets...

An Ornament, A Joke and Back Rank Mate

I’ve picked another one of these...( don’t ask why?)

no title

Some of you old timers might think you have seen this before.
No, this is a different from the one I showed in 380

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1520944356.png}Title here{/imgblock...

World Championship Tie Breaks (all 4 games)

no title

After some of the most exciting world title games in recent
history we finally have a new Chess World Champion, Ding Liren.

no title

And thank you Ding. I won £10.50 for a £5.00 stake. ...

World Chess Championship (Game Fourteen)

no title

So after 13 games it is 3 wins each and 6 draws and only one game,
(game 11) can we call dull. The other 12 games were full of spirit
and good play. The type of games the world title matches have been
missing since Kasparov - Short 1993. ( a magnificent match that one.)

So hopefully to avoid the dreaded tie breaks one player, sadly, has to lose this game...

W.C. Game 13..and I've got a medal!!

no title

Last night my Tiger Cubs, a team made up of Edinburgh Club juniors
(I’m the non-playing captain) were presented with the Division III trophy.
This is an adult league they play in and they are the only junior team in
the league. We also got medals and of all the dozens of medals and trophies
I’ve picked up over a career spanning 50 this is one of the most cherished.
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1682543611.png}no title{/imgblock...

World Chess Championship (Game Twelve)

no title

It’s getting to an exciting stage. Ding Liren is trailing 1-0 and has two white’s
left. If Ding loses this game and Nepo draws game 13 then no more Whites left.

Before the game started I predicted a quiet opening by Ding to frustrate Nepo
who might be tempted to wrap this up right away. Of course Nepo has been
around the block and should not be suckered this way. But you never know....

Rest Day (to make up for Game 11)

Luck You - two Blogs on the same day, I thought I would make it up to
you for the non-game 11 in this match. A cartoon and an RHP game

no title

Altered for a chess effect from a 1972 Victor boys comic. The cartoon was not signed.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1682365548.png}no title{/imgblock...

World Chess Championshio (Game Eleven)

no title

No wonder the ex-champ (to be) is looking miserable.
Nepo built up a good looking position that had a lot
of potential but being one point ahead killed the game.

Ian. Nepomniachtchi - Ding Liren - Game 11 ...

World Chess Championship (Game Ten)

no title

no title

Ian Nepomniachtchi is 32 and Ding Liren is 30. Ian is from Russia and
Ding Liren is from China. Both are unmarried and their hobbies include
Chess and... I don’t know. I met Ding very briefly but we never got around
to discussing each others hobbies. I’ve never met Ian Nepomniachtchi.
(I’m not too sure if both players are unmarried. Does that really matter?...

World Chess Championship (Game Nine)

no title

Recap after my instant notes which I do not edit.

Ding going for a Berlin Defence, which Nepo avoided. A standard looking
Lopez. Na7 and Qc7 from Ding caught me out (and Nepo) I did spot,
(eventually)a plan with Bf8 and the a7 Knight going to c5. I had plenty
of time to do this because Nepo spent 20 minutes on playing 16. Ba2...

World Chess Championship (Game 8)

no title

A picture taken after Game 7. A shattered Ding Liren and a relieved Nepo.

no title

Game 8 (recap after my instant in game notes.)

Ding Liren played an obscure 9 Ra2 which appears to have been played before...

World Chess Championship (Game Seven)

game 7

Another twist in this match. Nepo knocks together a Kingside attack,
Ding defended magnificently and just on the point of going on the counter
he froze at the board. This is something that can happen to anyone. With
less than 5 minutes on the clock he took 4 minutes to move and lost on time. ...

World Chess Championship (Game Six)

no title

That fantasy variation I saw in game 5 I found a good RHP game with the same idea.

RunninScared - Caravan Man RHP 2022

39. axb4 Qa1+ 40. Kh2 Qe1 41. Qf7 {Going for it.} 41... Qxd2 {There goes a Rook.} 42. Qxg8+ Kxg8 {There goes a Queen.} 43. Rc8+ {Kh7 Rh8 mate.} 43... Kf7 44. Rf8# {But checkmate anyway.} ...

World Chess Championship (Game Five)

no title

The header is from a picture in April 2023 CHESS magazine
of the line up for this years World Master held at Dusseldorf.

no title

Thank you Wesley So and Anish Giri for holding up the board which
is now worthless because all the players in this event autographed it....

World Chess Championship (Game Four)

no title

This is the flag of Kazakhstan (where the chess world championship is taking place.)

no title

Truly a chess mad country, Note there are 32 rays coming from the sun.
One ray for every chess piece. The 32 spaces in between the each of the
rays are for the empty squares when all the pieces are placed on the board...

World Chess Championship (Game Three)

no title

Hi yesterday at the hospital was OK, I’m a wee bit dopey but fine.

no title

The Playing Schedule.
Friday, 7 April Opening ceremony (had that)
Saturday, 8 April Media day (whatever that is...

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