Congratulations to Breaking Bad

Congratulations to Breaking Bad


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Fighting for men’s

right to have babies

16 Feb 08
28 Jan 23

@mghrnss said
Well done last year Michael ...sadly you didn't play the game and replicated Metallica's gamesmanship (cheating) in holding back claiming won challenges.

You were so far ahead it's obvious what Metallica was doing and you could have still won easily and held back 100 points until 2023

hope you win again in 2023
Why are you hiding behind this new user profile?

Treat Everyone Equal

Halifax, Nova Scotia

04 Oct 06
29 Jan 23
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@divegeester said
Why are you hiding behind this new user profile?
It is quite obvious he doesn't want his real name known, as he knows some of us would be all over him. So he hides behind an alias that looks like your leaders user name.

EDIT: I did alert it, but appears the Moderator(s) think it is quite ok unfortunately.