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About mghrn55

Have been a member of this site since 2009, I am getting back into the game I played as a teenager.
I believe in fair play. I prefer to win or lose on my own so I don't use software assistance.
I'll put up a good fight if I am behind in a game but I won't drag out a lost game longer than necessary.
I will take skulls, especially if I have a large number of games on at once.
I tend to play reasonably well against higher ranked players and sometimes put out some stinkers against lower rated players.

I have been a member of the Metallica clan since 2010.
I play for one clan only.

Good chess to all ...

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All Games Played4356
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All Moves142416
Moves This Month72
Tourn. Entry Rating1787

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4267 games


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386 games


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Highest Rating177118411944
Average Rating173717671753
Lowest Rating171316881598
Opponent Average Rating169917331580
Games Rated151031593
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