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About Pjnash

It has been fun to start playing again. Played through school and college, left for the USA in 1981 and stopped playing. On a visit back to England met an old friend and he introduced me to the website. Started slow, then joined a Clan, played a tournament and tried a few ladder challenges. Enjoying the variety of different styles. Somedays gets busy, can't always play within a day, but usually try to.

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498 games

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246 games

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252 games

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Games Played505
In Progress12
All Moves18656
Moves This Month143
Tourn. Entry Rating1666

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498 games


241 games


180 games


77 games

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24 games


8 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating164916841808
Average Rating160916091655
Lowest Rating156515571470
Opponent Average Rating172116311624
Games Rated1055382
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  • Dark Dragon

    Just have fun and never take the game too seriously.

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