Daily Chess Help

Getting started

Daily Chess Chess Ladders allow players to compete using a ladder system where players climb and fall based on the results of their games with other ladder players.

Select a ladder with time controls that are attractive to you - but do keep in mind that one ladder game can be initiated against you per ladder at any time and you cannot refuse to play. You may enter each ladder once.

When you join a ladder you will be positioned at the very bottom - your site rating will not entitle you to start anywhere else.

Once you have joined a ladder, use the 'find me' link to find your position, and the issue a challenge to a player above you.

Climbing the ladder

To climb the ladder you must win games against opponents placed above you on the ladder. Player's available for a challenge are clearly indicated.

Should you win, you will be positioned above your opponent's current position. If your opponent has won their own challenge before your game completes, you will benefit from their improved position when you are placed.

Losing a game when challenging a player above you.

If you lose a game that you initiated then no change will take place. You will retain your current position on the ladder.

Losing a game when defending a challenge

If you lose a defensive game (a game in which you were challenged) then the challenger will be placed one place above you. You will effectively drop 1 position as a result.

Drawing a game

If you conclude the game on a draw no change to either position will take place.

Problems starting a challenge

You cannot challenge a player on vacation or a player that has recently defeated you. You must wait before another challenge can be issued. You cannot challenge a player who has opted to leave a ladder.

Color selection

Games will be created with color assigned randomly.

Site ratings

All ladder games are played as rated games and cannot be deleted, only resigned.

Inactive players

Inactive players will be removed from a ladder if they have no games in progress and they have been inactive on the site for 60 days.

Leaving a ladder

If you choose to leave a ladder you will not be removed right away, but you will be protected from further challenges. Once your remaining ladder games are completed you will be removed from the ladder, and everyone below will move up one position.

Once you have chosen to leave a ladder, you cannot be reinstated at your previous position and the decision to leave cannot be reversed.

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