1. e4
    06 May '08
    10 Apr '22 13:39

    Something I’ll be wearing very soon (when it arrives) to go with
    my new Edinburgh Chess Club Hat- See last blog Blog Post 515

    A problem from a mid to late 1800’s ‘Scotsman Problem Page.’
    (no date it was not on the clipping) The problem was the problem.

    A few RHP games where the player sets their opponents up for a Knight Fork.
    Also an example from a Tarrasch game where he walks into one on purpose.

    A Date With An Old Mate. One of my favourite Red Hot Pawns games.
    White makes nine captures on the trot and after the ninth capture resigns.

    Blog Post 516
  2. Joined
    15 Dec '20
    10 Apr '22 18:10
    I especially enjoyed solving the problem (correctly oriented) by Mr Gibson. Thanks, Geoff.
  3. Joined
    16 Aug '15
    10 Apr '22 23:13
    I've been trying to solve a chess problem since 1883 and now you tell me it was accidentally upsidedown??
  4. e4
    06 May '08
    17 Apr '22 10:56
    I'm going through a large collection of Scrap Books full of late 1800's newspaper cuttings.
    This is where I got the piece I mentioned in the latest blog (next one will have more.)

    I have been reading the notes after printed problem.s Occasionally you see a
    mention of the previous week's problem being 'cooked' (unsound )
    No computers in them days to do a double-check and the mistake was deep
    enough for the Setter and Problem Editor to miss it. (but someone that week spotted it.)

    Next time I come across one I'll reproduce it.
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