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About salerno1

I play fairly consistent, some mistakes, some strokes of genius. But this is all for fun. I tend to play slow, but within time bank as I am very busy as a business owner and father. Don't hate on the snail.

Recently, I have been exploring the Sicilian Defense and the Dutch defense as Black. Make me happy and play E4 or E5 as white. They are far and away the 2 most common game openers anyway, so I know you will at some point.

Inside tip for you to beat me: If you catch me moving my Queen around a bit, but I don't take any of your material, it means I have no idea what to do.

With a busy schedule, I often will go the full 3 days before making a move. After so much time, I do not remember the last few moves of the game. This is why I like the analyze board function --- To help me remember my strategy, or I lose the "Thread" of the game. Unless my move is obvious, I try to spend a consistent 2-3 minutes of thinking, and then submit move.

Bad Chess Joke: When a pawn is upgraded, any piece can be chosen, but the Queen is selected 99.99% of the time. Thats gotta make the other pieces feel like shit.

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