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Am from Bran, in the heart of Dracula Country in the Carpathian Mountains. There we have much inbreeding; lots of peoples with dimple chin; six fingers and three nipples. In my case no nipples, but stylish bolt through neck. Nice 😉👍

Transylvania is great but beaches not so good as it’s nowhere near sea 😆

Although IQ is only 89, am regarded as genius by local peoples who average is 81.

I am loving old shows, especially Munsters, but Adams family far too pretty to be taken seriously.đŸĻ‡

I love life and peoples, and will chat if you want. I do like the joke, but often not understand them, so like me they have to be simple. I like the one about the monkey on land mine, always tell that at dinner parties, not that I get invited to many ☚ī¸

My best friend is Mitchka who is new Gorilla at zoo where I work; we share bananas together, but have to be carefull as still illegal in Romania.

Koko, gorilla in USA had 1000 words in sign language, and we trying to teach Mitchka same. He smart arse bastard though as has had IQ tested and is 91 !!

Let’s have good game and enjoy. Good luck both of us. Very nice !

Herman Petrescu 😁

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