The Chess Race to 2900

The Chess Race to 2900

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The Chess Race to 2900

The player formerly known as the world champion has actually done what he
threatened to do and become the player formerly known as the world champion.

Kitchen table philosophy has been rife all over the net as to the why and what not.
The general consensus appears to be he needs a new target to get back his interest in
the game and the world title was just in the way of his real ambition. A rating of 2900!

The four digit numbers lovers (those who never look at the games, just how many
rating points it has gained ) are in a frenzy. Time to step in and make a quick buck.

no title

Now the champ is no longer the champ the ex-champ can concentrate on
reaching that hallowed goal that has always been tantalising just out of reach
The Valhalla of Professor Elo’s rating system. The four digit number that
promises to solve all the problems that have been plaguing humanity. 2900!

And for only $400.00 you can have this 5 metre x 5 metre cardboard chart to stick
on your bedroom wall and map Carlsen’s progress to that most sacred of ratings.

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Your friend (sic) will drool with envy and when word gets out your street cred will rise.

Or how about for $3999.00 you can own this;

no title

The Magnus Carlsen Rating Indicator. It tunes itself into the FIDE rating list and
goes ‘ping’ everytime Carlsen’s moves up by one digit. It’s super cool, trendy and
is made from Scandinavian steel with Swiss bits on the inside, we think it will work.

If, by some unforeseen calamity, Carlsen’s rating should drop by just one point then the
The Magnus Carlsen Rating Indicator will switch off and send out a distress signal to one
of our specially trained councillors who will find you and play calming pan pipe music.

How about this to let everyone in your neighbourhood know that 2900 has been reached.

no title

It soars up to 300 metres, goes pop! is all it does. $200.00.

We also have in stock the player formerly know as the world champion 2900 socks that..

no title

Just having a bit fun with those who really are super keen to see Carlsen get to 2900.
I fear for their sanity should he fail. You see them going on and on about a few rating
points gained. Sometimes Carlsen produces a wonderful piece of chess magic. It’s never
mentioned! The main thing is he gained three rating points and that is all that matters.

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The rating system through time is inflated, tainted by cheats, manipulated by federations
and every rated game is inaccurate! Eh? What colour wins the most games? White.
Are the players colour ever taking into account when doing the maths. No. But who cares?

So for a few weeks until I too get bored, I’m going to stick to naming him as the
player formally known as the world champion. However I will always remember.

Magnus Carlsen - Sergey Karjakin, World Championship (tie break) New York,2016

Watching that live was amazing. I cannot follow or add to that so this weeks blog stops here.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 194194

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