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World Championship (Game 10)

no title

That is the header I was going to use for the tie breaks when cartoon chess
takes over. Now it looks very much like we will not be seeing tie breaks.

Nepo has a few games left to put a victory on the board, Carlsen won't take his foot
of the gas, the idea of whitewash will appeal so we should get a few good games. ...

World Championship (Game Nine)

no title

After going 2-0 down the vultures have started circling over the
head of Nepomniachtchi and everyone (me included ) has been
offering him advice on what to do next (I want him to play 1.a3.)

His team must have a few opening twists in their locker to be used
in case their man fell behind. If so then now is the time to open it...

World Championship (Game Eight)

no title

Just over halfway though the Chess World Championship and...

(Give the playing schedule greenpawn....Russ)

no title

Just over halfway though the Chess World Championship an...

World Championship (Game Seven)

no title

After yesterdays game, 7 hours 45 minutes and a Carlsen win, it will be
interesting to see how Nepomniachtchi’s reacts. He may go for a quick
strike back or play safe to recover and recuperate. One thing is for certain,
if Carlsen senses Nepo has been shaken and is unsteady, he will go for him.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1637958190.png}The Rules{/imgblock...

World Championship (Game Six)

me one

And before you start writing in and asking the answer is ‘No’
you cannot buy my chess waistcoat. I saw a picture years ago
of it being worn by an arbiter and contacted them to see if I
could have it as they surely will never wear it again. I got it!

And here is the original of the doctored picture I used above...

World Championship (Game Five)

no title

That picture was meant for game four but then I remembered
that it was Magnus Carlsen’s birthday so I did a cake instead.

( I spend more time on the cartoons than I do analysing the games.)

Game 5 was in my opinion a pretty dull affair. It had the makings of a cracker but...

World Championship (Game Four)

no title

Today is Magnus’s birthday. He is 31 today and we can all remember
what happened the last time he played a world title game on his birthday.

M. Carlsen - S. Karjakin, final rapid game, World Championship 2016

World Championship (Game Three)

no title

First the answers from last weeks Chess Trivia Quiz. There were four
questions but due to some glitch (see below) only three had valid answers.

1) Karpov, Reggae and Crocodile Shoes.
2) The missing word was ‘faradisation.’
3) ‘No’ however you can on a Thursday...

World Championship (Game Two)

no title

First of all the eagerly awaited result of the anagram competition.
I asked for the best anagram of ‘Carlsen Nepomniachtchi’ and the
winner who came up with best answer was the R.H.P. member
‘Charlie the Racoon’ with his entry: ‘Nepomniachtchi Carlsen.’

Charlie wins a sets of door hinges and 16 self tapping screws....

World Championship (Game One)

The Title

I was conned by a street shark who sold me a ticket for game one starting
on Wednesday 24th November. That was the date of the opening ceremony
for the important FIDE people to make speeches and everyone applauded.

me ticket

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1637852424.png}close ticket{/imgblock...
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