Chess and Bonnie Prince Charlie

Chess and Bonnie Prince Charlie

The Planet Greenpawn

Chess and Bonnie Prince Charlie

This virus thingy has sunk my plans for touring the Scottish Highlands
where I hoped to finally unearth the treasure of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Title here

The map, I bought it from a Nigerian Prince, is marked with a bright red ‘X ‘.
It is going to make me richer than rich . I shall buy a small country and pick
myself to represent my country ‘Green Pawn Land’ in the Chess Olympiad.

Alas with the west coast in lock down we (me and Mrs Greenpawn)
took in a few days on the south east coast at Berwick Upon Tweed...

Title here

At the famous Berwick wooden bear (I think the place should be called Bearwick)
.....and yes we carved our names on the bear’s forehead after the picture was taken.

And I spent ages drooling at the this shop.

Title here

Next is a picture of me and my suntan.....(Enough of the holiday snaps....Russ.)

...but in a wonderful wee 2nd hand shop just outside the city walls I found real treasure.

Title here

Printed in January 1973 and stapled to page 104 was this scoresheet.

Title here is Norman Littlewood v Bob Wade, Southend Premier 1964.

The game was played in 1964 but the score sheet is post 1972 so I think it
may be done from memory, hence a few moves scored out and the strange
(to me) moves 33....a6 and 35...a5 to get a position that actually appeared.

Title here

The author of the King’s Gambit Book, Trevor Hay suggests a line in this variation.

green pawns

Title here

Thus posted dcpk after the last blog. But he has appeared twice before.

dcpk - sardodos RHP 2016

White played 31.Qg2 and was checkmated in two after 31...Nf3+

In the RHP 2014 Championship I was looking for the first player to blunder away a Queen,

benl125 - dcpk RHP Ch. 2014

And counting last weeks blog this is dcpk’s fourth appearance....a win!

dcpk - churrasca RHP 2018

Now the cunning wee trap I mentioned. Can you spot it. (Black to play)

26...Qg5 27.Qd5+ Kh8 28.Qxf3. How about 26..Qg7 does it meet the same refutation?

green pawns

Title here

Where I look back at a checkmate from an old blog that had something unique about it.
This one is from the Planet Greenpawn first posted in 2007 and it certainly qualifies.

Kardia - AmidaTong RHP 2007

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 186760

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