1. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    02 Jan '23 10:26

    Batteries are definitely the Achilles heel of electronic devices these days. Much room for technological improvement there. Good luck with your new phone.
  2. Joined
    16 Feb '08
    07 Jan '23 06:32
    @mwmiller said
    Well, I'm sad to report that I will now be looking for a replacement for my iphone.

    It finally came apart as shown in the video, but it was not nearly as easy as they made it look. Then the battery adhesive strips would not come out as shown either, but I finally managed to pry out the old battery using an old credit card and a hair dryer to warm things up. The new ba ...[text shortened]... or a while, until I manage to find a replacement phone, which might have to wait until next year. 🙁
    If you’re not a fan of iOS and don’t intend buying another Apple device in future then I wouldn’t bother trying to repair your current one and just buy an android based phone, or even a basic “phone only” model rather than a smartphone.

    If you do want to continue with Apple but don’t want to pay out too much, then maybe a refurbished handset from a reputable resale outlet?
  3. Joined
    16 Feb '08
    07 Jan '23 06:33
    @mwmiller said
    I ended up with a kyocera dura xv. It's a flip phone and seems pretty good so far, and the battery is easy to replace.
    Ah, just seen this post.
  4. Joined
    07 Dec '05
    17 Jan '23 01:52
    I bought a used phone from here and was happy with it after I figured out how to use it.

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