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The first temptation3211 Jun '23 22:10Of Ants and Impsdivegeester
In matters of religion …1508 Jun '23 13:24divegeestermoonbus
People act like they believe in God2708 Jun '23 08:20FMFFMF
The best thing about being alive…2930 May '23 15:17divegeesterGhost of a Duke
Did Paul accept Jesus's teachings?125 May '23 11:41FMFFMF
What would you say?9825 May '23 08:00KellyJayFMF
The highest place on the values hierarchy912 May '23 23:32FMFdivegeester
Two Interesting Comments From Andrew Tate2612 May '23 09:58Rajk999FMF
The Lord’s Prayer explained408 May '23 10:45divegeesterRajk999
The best thing about being dead...8002 May '23 14:33FMFFMF
Liberty from dogma3230 Apr '23 08:46divegeesterFMF
Was Tucker Carlon an enemy of Jesus?430 Apr '23 07:53FMFdivegeester
Ingredients, tools, mechanical drawings4724 Apr '23 21:09KellyJaydivegeester
Speculation about the universe's origin1623 Apr '23 20:54FMFdivegeester
Religion borrows its morality from us...1421 Apr '23 07:22FMFFMF
Christian identity and gun culture1020 Apr '23 10:23FMFRajk999
Idul Fitri almost upon us220 Apr '23 09:22FMFFMF
Is sin a real thing?18620 Apr '23 02:42KellyJayFMF
Easter (again)817 Apr '23 04:05divegeesterdivegeester
Nice video on existence of Jesus2915 Apr '23 01:58vivifyFMF
“Jesus Saves” by divine intervention4915 Apr '23 01:46divegeesterFMF
Pat Robertson: let God judge trans people2815 Apr '23 01:35FMFFMF
Big Bang Theory Flip or Flop IS THE SHOE ON THE...1413 Apr '23 12:32mike69FMF
Combined Consciousness, Is It A Temperature Gau...8413 Apr '23 02:22mike69FMF
Is theocracy the goal of conservatives?1010 Apr '23 10:00FMFFMF
Can political invective be "sinful"?808 Apr '23 17:14FMFdivegeester
Why wasn't the canonization of the NT predicted...2308 Apr '23 14:18FMFRajk999
Is ego responsible for morally unsound acts?6307 Apr '23 05:39FMFdivegeester
Is it okay for a Christian to lie?17104 Apr '23 21:28Ghost of a Dukedivegeester
What does the Abrahamic God want above all?7304 Apr '23 00:28FMFdivegeester

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