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"Choose Life"4803 Jan '22 10:32chaney3divegeester
For the Trilobites7502 Jan '22 18:21Excited ExileGhost of a Duke
Tales From The Apocrypha13802 Jan '22 10:18Rajk999avalanchethecat
Christ copied and pasted into man8302 Jan '22 06:26Removeddivegeester
Praying in Tongues8502 Jan '22 01:38RemovedRemoved
Ye Ole Divegeester2001 Jan '22 23:16josephwdivegeester
Arts2101 Jan '22 09:52FMFavalanchethecat
I wonder1101 Jan '22 03:24KellyJayjosephw
Competitive Christianity1801 Jan '22 03:11Excited Exilejosephw
The Lord sent a pestilence12501 Jan '22 02:02Ghost of a DukeExcited Exile
Personal conceptions: individualism & belonging9301 Jan '22 01:16FMFExcited Exile
on being intentionally antagonistic1130 Dec '21 21:08rookie54Removed
What Do You Think ??2630 Dec '21 20:36mike69josephw
ALL MEN, Not some, Not Christians Only ... ALL9430 Dec '21 18:26Rajk999KellyJay
Purity vs Mixed-Bag530 Dec '21 09:07Excited ExilePianoman1
Verbiage = clutter and obstruction428 Dec '21 18:53Excited ExileExcited Exile
Faith is full of power8728 Dec '21 18:25RemovedExcited Exile
Marjorie Crikey of the Seventh Aeon has sent wo...328 Dec '21 18:21Excited ExileExcited Exile
Let us sit together in the One528 Dec '21 17:54Excited Exiledivegeester
Belief not necessary5428 Dec '21 03:58Ghost of a DukeSuzianne
Christ as The Angel of Jehovah4627 Dec '21 21:52Removeddivegeester
This makes foolishness of the Trinity14826 Dec '21 21:16Rajk999Rajk999
psychic or intuitive boundaries1226 Dec '21 08:44Excited ExileGhost of a Duke
A s question for us all indeed…1125 Dec '21 13:55divegeesterRemoved
The main cause of hatred in the world is religi...3225 Dec '21 12:18Pianoman1Removed
Parallel Scriptures of the Cosmos1124 Dec '21 13:56Excited ExileKellyJay
In praise of clever people524 Dec '21 09:27Excited ExileKellyJay
Witness Lee on the Need for Believing4724 Dec '21 07:36RemovedRemoved
With Scripture not a narrative you believe6424 Dec '21 00:46KellyJayRemoved
Not Simply Outward Ruling222 Dec '21 15:44RemovedRemoved

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