Breaking Bad Clan vs Spinning Stars

Breaking Bad Clan vs Spinning Stars

Clan Challenge

Breaking Bad ClanSpinning Stars
Breaking Bad ClanMovesSpinning Stars
Bassman571434461262cliff garoupcg
Bassman571434721262cliff garoup
norfolk and good106001316Toadie
norfolk and good106011316Toadie
Very Rusty1376261046honus
Very Rusty1376661046honus
7Games Won3
8Gross Points0
8Net Points-8
Challenge Result Notes

'Breaking Bad Clan' wins.

8 points awarded to winner.

8 of 10 games scored for this challenge.
Some games concluded in a win or a draw in less than 8 moves and are therefore excluded from the result.

This challenge result contributed to the 2022 challenge table.

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