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About Trickyt57

You can expect me to play 2 to 6 moves per game, per week depending on when you move. Probably I will check for moves 5am -06:30am (UK time) and 10pm - midnight. If you are active at around these times or just before, we might make more moves in a day. 2 to 4 simultaneous games suits me best.

Although we are allowed to play using a book of official openings, I almost never do that, preferring to use my brain instead. If you use a book of openings you will probably have an advantage over me. If you want me to play from a book of openings, please let me know by message in your first few moves. Otherwise you will get a weaker opponent than you expected.

I learned to play chess 45 to 50 years ago but only played sporadically until I found this app in 2013. I'm British but live and work overseas in Europe. I don't play during office hours. I am likely to play most late evenings, early mornings and weekends, bank holidays. I will play a lot when everyone else is sleeping.

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