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About Rumi

I make heavy use of books and a large database (4.75 million games), as I see those as being integral to correspondence chess. I personally feel that correspondence play is the best form of the game, and I had the good fortune of studying with the late Anton Sildmets, a winner of the Golden Knights Tournament (effectively the correspondence championship of the United States), when I was a teenager. Now at age 80, I think that correspondence play is helping me ward off Alzheimer's Disease -- at least I sincerely hope so! I try to move a couple of times per day, but in a "difficult" position I will often use the full time allowed for analysis.

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466 games

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228 games

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238 games

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Games Played501
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All Moves12074
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Tourn. Entry Rating2088

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466 games


372 games


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44 games

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16 games


8 games


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Highest Rating215321532199
Average Rating021212145
Lowest Rating205720572057
Opponent Average Rating017231676
Games Rated046135
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  • Clan RUSH

    For all chess players who are fans of the Canadian Power Trio: A Farewell to your king

  • 1949 Seniors Clan

    Chess players 50 yrs or older, actual or in spirit.

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