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About Jim Dandy

I live near and work in Toledo Ohio. I've worked in the field of Mental Health most of my adult life. I'm now separated from my wife and we have a 19 yr old son.
I've played chess since grade school.
Having been taught by my paternal Grandfather, chess always holds a bit of nostalgia for me.
I like a challenging game. Generally a 3 day timeout with a 7 day bank is more than enough for me. I hate time-out game-endings, but in Clan competition I feel obligated to take those victories. I'll also take those victories in the more formal settings of tournaments and ladders. In personal games, however, if you give me the courtesy of informing me of your need for more time, I'll give it to you. I'd appreciate the same courtesy in return.
But it's a rare occasion that I need it. Now that I'm a member of Red Hot Pawn, it doesn't stop me from playing more games!
I look forward to meeting other chess fans from around the world who aren't afraid to say "Hi!", or even to chat at length! - (Isn't that the new version of what used to be called being pen pals? Lol 😄)
See you on the board! Jim Dandy

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