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About humy

I practice atheism by chanting the Vulcan verses of pure logic.

Seriously: My quotes:

Neither my reason nor my values come from my atheism.
My atheism comes from my reason and not the other way around and my values have nothing to do with it.

True morality comes from love, compassion, sympathy and a sense of fairness and not from a belief that there exists a god nor from religion nor superstition.

Only the dangerously stupid could have an essential need of an existence of a god to be moral.

My purpose is to forever strive to find my purpose and hope I never have the contradiction of finding it.

Many Nazis were Christian. That does not mean that being Christian equates with being morally bad but it does mean that being Christian does not equate with being morally good.

Mere fear is not the mark of a true coward.

When one does not know, it is stupid to explain it away with a god.
Much more intelligent and honest to just humbly admit ignorance.

Better to have no opinion than one based on ignorance.

The only good ways to fight an idea is either with a better one or prove it nonsense.

Truth is indifferent to what you want it to be or what is acceptable.
To dismiss an unacceptable truth for being unacceptable, even if that truth is totally unacceptable, is being foolishly delusional.

Science is blameless for its misuse. To blame science is like blaming the first ever human to discover fire whenever you burn yourself.

Bob is twice the age of what Sue was when Sue was 8 years younger than the age Bob is now. How old is Bob?

Quotes by other people:

A man may imagine things that are false but he can only understand things that are true. (Isaac Newton)

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence (Christopher Hitchins)

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