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a disciple of Jesus Christ, that means that I: have accepted and received Jesus Christ as my Savior & Lord, who I follow in faith, obedience and love/am totally forgiven all of my sins, bad doings and evil beings/have fellowship with the living God every day, which fills me with true and everlasting joy, overflowing life, strengt and really peace that nothing can bring down, not even to loose in chess/am going to spend eternity in Heaven instead of Hell.So, by faith Receive Jesus & Salvation...Se this short video if you want, about it:

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2776 games

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1396 games

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1380 games

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All Games Played2802
In Progress5
All Moves108275
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1260

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2776 games


1100 games


1443 games


233 games

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118 games


11 games


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Highest Rating127512981411
Average Rating124512351279
Lowest Rating120711911092
Opponent Average Rating133213661374
Games Rated1773698
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    Fast and slow paced. Thematic tournaments for those who wish to explore openings and gambits.

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