David Dilno

Rating 1312

About David Dilno

I am 69 years young. I started playing chess after learning as a kid but not ever playing much until 2009. I enjoy playing this game and look forward to many games of learning and improving my skill. I click all skulls without hesitation. However, if for good reason you ask me not to do so for a specific brief period, I will hold off temporarily. Let the game begin, I like quick play and will play the entire game to the end.

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1691 games

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855 games

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836 games

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All Games Played1695
In Progress6
All Moves71102
Moves This Month413
Tourn. Entry Rating1338

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1691 games


611 games


1008 games


72 games

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151 games


14 games


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Highest Rating136213641466
Average Rating132413021314
Lowest Rating127812171198
Opponent Average Rating144214271467
Games Rated49153898
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