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Hi! Matt here, and I love to play chess! Unfortunately my time as a subscriber is near an end for me on this site. Why should I continue to pay them for not caring about ridding the most blatant of cheats on this site? One user alone ruined probably 10+ tournaments. It's true that banned players can create new accounts, but they would have to subscribe again to screw people over in tournaments. Clearly I lost interest in this site anyway, so at times, moves may be less frequent. And no engines will be used by me, unlike other disgraceful players. My subscription will actually expire late April this year (2019 obviously).

Recommended Players: Ellis Burke, Paul Leggett, Aspasia, Toub, Ouroboros, Coquette ---> female player above 900k total moves!

Players to Avoid: Caissad4 (put a bloody line through her name already), Vpadilla7

Please note that only previously played opponents will be on these lists. Recommendations from other members for players to avoid will not be included unless I've played them already.

One last thing to discuss. Clubs. I've noticed that the World Wide Chess Club has been unactive for a while now. I also notice that non-subscribers can seem to join these clubs. Basically I'm saying I'm open to joining a new club on this site (preferably with unfamiliar opponents and some female players).
And look club leaders , Fischer Random Chess would be a great idea for tournaments. I'm still not interested in Clans though.

Opponents, if you must even the playing field, do so with the study board feature or opening databases or read Greenpawn's blogs. Do NOT use chess engines. If you must use engines, use unrated non-tournament games only.

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