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Missing the Morphy Pattern.

I pick this up on my travels around the various chess sites.

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green pawns

What game is this final position from?

1n1Rkb1r/p4ppp/4q3/4p1B1/4P3/8/PPP2PPP/2K5 b k - 0 17
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Spurious Chess.

Recently I had the pleasure of reading this:

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You will understand that a nutshell review is all I can offer because
it is a murder mystery with a strong chess theme running though it
and going in too deep may spoil potential readers enjoyment of it.

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Chess and Bonnie Prince Charlie

This virus thingy has sunk my plans for touring the Scottish Highlands
where I hoped to finally unearth the treasure of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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The map, I bought it from a Nigerian Prince, is marked with a bright red ‘X ‘.
It is going to make me richer than rich . I shall buy a small country and pick
myself to represent my country ‘Green Pawn Land’ in the Chess Olympiad...

Chess Authors and the Gremlins.

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(photo from chessbase)
Mr. Leonard Barden, the record breaking Guardian Chess columnist
(64+ years and counting) celebrated his 91st birthday a few days ago.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a good chess column in the
pre-digital age. In the UK chess did not warrant T.V. or radio coverage
unless there was some other ‘non-chess’ news attached, for Instance;...

Chess and The Double 'G'.

At last I have ‘The Book’ this is the book that will reveal the secrets of 6.Bg5
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Recap: We first saw this line mentioned in an old chess magazine by Robert Bellin.

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And to save going back a few blogs this is what I wrote: ...

Chess Knock-Knock Jokes.

I like most of you at Red Hot Pawn so I am a bit wary about showing you this.
It was sent to me by a greenpawn (that’s me) blog fan. I am chuffed to tea breaks.

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I know the severe pangs of jealousy this will invoke amongst you all.

It was made for me by Lyonola Ashkova, a female RHP member wh...

Chess Street Signs (part III)

I finally took a trip across town to see the street sign put up in my honour.
(See 448 for more details how this happnened.)

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Then passing ‘my street' just a few days ago I notice it had been nicked!

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An Opening Chess Trap with 2,399 Victims

Recreating famous book covers No. 84 and No.85.

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Greasy Trap

This opening trap has caught 2,399 players on Red Hot Pawn...

Chess in December 1983 (Oh What a Night)

what a night

On the 21st December 1983 Garry Kasparov gave a simultaneous display
against ten junior players at the London headquarters of Acorn computers.

This was not your usual board and pieces affair, it was a computer simul.
Each player had a BBC computer running an Acorn chess playing program.
The juniors keyed in their moves and Gary would appear to key in his reply. ...

Chess and Mary Queen of Scots

I first heard the rumour in 1971 when a stranger slid up next to me in a
bar and whispered in my ear that there was a chessboard in The Meadows.

The Edinburgh Meadows is where Mary the Queen of Scots played golf.

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Me playing peek-a-boo behind a statue of Mary in Linlithgow....
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