Step Into Carlsen's Shoes + Giri v DIng

Step Into Carlsen's Shoes + Giri v DIng

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Step Into Carlsen's Shoes + Giri v DIng

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They are here at last, Whoopee! I’ll be cruising Carlsen like in my neighbour
looking cool as I shoot a few hoops. (that’s Basketball for you uncool nerds.)

The adverts promotional bit.
"A new chess-themed edition of PUMA’s iconic Clyde sneaker featuring five
time world champion Magnus Carlsen’s signature is about to hit the streets.
(that is wrong, Magnus has only won the title once and defended it four times.)

The limited run Magnus Carlsen x PUMA CLYDE Chess sneakers
will be debuted on the Champions Chess Tour broadcast on May 22
and then be immediately available to buy on and etc.

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Black to play and mate in two.

The first correct answer gets the left shoe.
The second correct answer gets a right shoe.
The third correct answer gets a left shoe.

You are no doubt thinking that I’ve stolen the single display shoe from
the display rack at three different outlets. You guessed wrong because;

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green pawns

Three puzzles for you to solve. The first ‘hidden’ is a clue.

Gaal - Vidic, Budapest, 2021

White to play.
Check All Checks! it mate in two.

1. Qf5+ gxf5 2. R1h6 Checkmate.

Krishna Teja, - Savic, Serbia, 2021

White to play.
White is not looking too good here.

1. Rxf7+ Kh6 2. Rh7+ Kxh7 3. Qh5+ Kg7 4. Qh7+ Kf8 5. Qf7+ Rxf7 Stalemate.

Suarez Real - Sielecki Online 4NCL 2021

White to play
Stop looking at Knight checks. Look at the Black Queen

1. b3 Qa5 {(Or 1....Qa3)} 2. Nc4 Qc5 3. Nxe5 Qxe5 4. Rd6 a5 5. Qd4

green pawns

Anish Giri - Ding Liren, Superbet Chess Classic, 2023.

In this position with White to play. Ding Lien has just played 11...g5.

Giri played 12.Nxg5 and set about working against the pinned Knight on f6.

This is a relatively common Knight for two pawns and pressure sacrifice. The first
time I can find it being played was in the Labourdonnais - McDonnell match in 1834.
Ding knew he was entering risky territory playing 11...g5 (he took 10 minutes) Giri took
4 minutes before playing 12. Nxg4 but he had no choice. 12.Bg3 leads to a poor position.

Before looking at the Anish Giri-Ding Liren game lets us look at some ground rules

The critical pattern. The Basic Attacking and Defending Ideas.

The most common ways of piling on the pressure on the pinned
f6 Knight are Qf3. Nd5 and f4 with e5 hitting the pinned Knight.
This f2-f4 idea can be combined with a Rook on f1 taking on e5.

Black’s most common defensive ideas are Kg7 (mainly against Qf3)
Be7 If Black can break the pin this way then it is difficult for White.
Stop Nd5 by either taking on d5 or c6. Qe7 with Qe6 breaking the pin.
Look out for a Black Queen check to break the pin (after f4 by White.)
If there is a Knight on c6 it can drop back to b8 and reappear on d7.

Look at this position from Lizard King - dinc RHP 2021.(Black to play)

The e2 Bishop is stopping Qf3. The move f4 cannot be played. The only way to put
pressure on the pinned f6 Knight is Nd5. Black played d6 and after Nd5 it was 1-0.

Let us see how it could have been defended and a plausible what happens next.

This is fun, let us look at another needlessly lost game because of slack defending

GMForsythe - fredrickrivenson RHP 2022 (Black to Play)

Seeing the two major threats Nd5 and Qf3 Black only stopped just one and they
played Kg7 to take the sting out of Qf3 but after Nd5 it was 1-0 a few moves later.

Let’s try defending it. If I get what I think is an unclear position in these situations
I always go for the sac, so should you. The attackers moves are the easiest to find.

Finally a pin breaking return sacrifice. Look out for this in the main game.

blunt hedgehog - ziggy57 RHP 2009

So now we look at the Giri-Ding Liren game and you see both players using
the same ideas we saw in the RHP games only in a slightly more subtle way.

Anish Giri - Ding Liren, Superbet Chess Classic, 2023

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