World Chess Championship (Game Fourteen)

World Chess Championship (Game Fourteen)

The Planet Greenpawn

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So after 13 games it is 3 wins each and 6 draws and only one game,
(game 11) can we call dull. The other 12 games were full of spirit
and good play. The type of games the world title matches have been
missing since Kasparov - Short 1993. ( a magnificent match that one.)

So hopefully to avoid the dreaded tie breaks one player, sadly, has to lose this game.
Will this be, as I suspect, a game 11 draw as neither player wants to get involved and
risk a total nervous collapse or will both players put on a show worthy of the occasion.

Recap: ( I write the game notes as the moves appear you get my first thoughts.)

After what was looking like a quiet opening Ding lit up the board with Ng5 and
for a while all kinds of tricks and traps appeared. But Nepo failed to fall into any
of the traps and we entered an ending where for a few moves I totally lost the thread.

Ding was playing some odd looking moves (to me anyway and here I admit
we were in a part of the game, late middle game to early ending where I lost
a lot of my OTB games.) Ding managed to create target White pawns on both
sides of the board (a skill I thought only I possessed.). Nepo tried a few shots
of his own but Ding pulled off a nice pawn sac combo to ease the pressure.

We got down to a pure Rook ending and it was eventually drawn.
So we are going to the tie breaks. I will not be able to do those live.
I did not expect to see them. I’ll decide on the format tomorrow.

Tie Break Rules:
A four-game mini-match with 25 minutes + 10 second increment from move 1.
If that is drawn then two 5 minutes + 3 seconds increment games. If those two
games are drawn then two games with a 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment. If
those two are drawn then it sudden death with 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment.

Ding Liren - Game - Ian Nepomniachtchi Game 12

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