W.C. Game 13..and I've got a medal!!

W.C. Game 13..and I've got a medal!!

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W.C. Game 13..and I've got a medal!!

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Last night my Tiger Cubs, a team made up of Edinburgh Club juniors
(I’m the non-playing captain) were presented with the Division III trophy.
This is an adult league they play in and they are the only junior team in
the league. We also got medals and of all the dozens of medals and trophies
I’ve picked up over a career spanning 50 this is one of the most cherished.
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I know I look old in that picture but you would age too (I’m only 21)
if you saw some of the moves they played during last season. 🙂

With that important matter out of the way let us move onto...
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(I know a naff game 13 screen but I never thought there would be a game 13
and just as I was about to post I realised I never had one so knocked this together.)

Will Nepo recover from throwing away a won game (if he’s like me it won’t
bother him too much, we do it that often.) or will Ding sneak in another win.

Nepo played a rare Be3 in the Lopez. Ding started showing why it was rare
and carried on playing standard Black Lopez lines. Nepo tried to make Be3 look
OK and was soon reduced to playing f3 (I suggested it but it looked forced.)

Then Ding got in d5 and if Black can get in d5 in the Lopez without dropping a pawn
then they have equalised and if Black has equalised in the Lopez then Black is better.
( a famous rule of thumb that one. I do not know who said but it has a grain of truth.)

An aggressive looking 21...Re5 by Ding seemed to stunt Black attacking options and it
turned it to be the wrong idea. Unless the idea was going the exchange down for a pawn.
But it was not a dull ending. Chances for both sides, in the end a predicted three fold rep.

Ian Nepomniachtchi - Ding Liren - Game 13

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