1. e4
    06 May '08
    13 Jan '22 23:23

    The result of the last blogs win a music C.D. (and a chess book.) competition
    and a glimpse on what goodies may be on offer the next time we run another.

    Finally my review of Carlsen’s ‘My 60 Memorable Games’ by Andrew Soltis.

    A smashing puzzle from the latest CHESS (January 2022)
    White, as usual playing up the board, to play and win.

    Then Deep Blue messing about with a game from the 1920’s

    A couple of examples of the curse of the greenpawn blog

    Blog Post 509
  2. Standard memberContenchess
    01 Sep '21
    14 Jan '22 02:39
    The last contest kinda sucked. 😒

    Didn't you just pick the first guy...who also happened to be a Brit?
  3. e4
    06 May '08
    14 Jan '22 16:59
    Yes! 😉 (the postage last time cost 15 times more than the book cost me)
    But it was also just a joke competition as soon as I saw it I liked it. The Beatles!!!

    Venda is from Yorkshire, (still cost me 6 times more than the CD and book cost)
    I could have picked one of the Edinburgh based Scots and delivered it in person.
    (you have to remember I'm a retired O.A.P. every penny is a prisoner.)

    The one for 'Mastering Chess' will be world wide. Anywhere, cost will not matter .
    I'll ask Bigdog or even Russ to judge it.

    If asked I'll autograph the book, though to be honest it might be worth more if I don't!

    Just need to think of a good competition. Give me till the next blog.
    (any ideas would be very welcome.)

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