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Too bad no genuine discussions4207 Oct '22 01:41AverageJoe1techsouth
Is the US a democracy ? Should it be ?18707 Oct '22 00:42mghrn55AverageJoe1
Nuclear false flag1707 Oct '22 00:20Metal BrainMetal Brain
North Korea & others2007 Oct '22 00:09ogbMetal Brain
Ww36807 Oct '22 00:07Metal BrainMetal Brain
End the Ukraine war2507 Oct '22 00:06Metal BrainMetal Brain
Michelle will be Dem nominee, 20246806 Oct '22 21:46AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
Kayne West bids adieu to Black Lives Matter1306 Oct '22 19:07Earl of TrumpsOf Ants and Imps
Is Russia starting to lose the war?18506 Oct '22 18:30vivifymoonbus
defining terms1406 Oct '22 18:30PonderableAverageJoe1
Chechen soldiers fighting for Ukraine206 Oct '22 18:22vivifymoonbus
The things Trump wanted to do but didn't5406 Oct '22 18:14wildgrasssonhouse
Does Employers ‘pay’? Or, ‘distribute’?1606 Oct '22 16:31AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
Ho you fat406 Oct '22 12:51Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Part Two: Should we be a Democracy?205 Oct '22 22:11AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
23 yr old fentanyl killer gets only 12 years1805 Oct '22 21:49AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
What is it with Liz Truss and tax cuts?905 Oct '22 19:44vivifyshavixmir
Did Biden sabatage Nord Stream pipelines?7305 Oct '22 16:57Metal BrainShallow Blue
The CDC finally admits it14105 Oct '22 16:45Metal BrainShallow Blue
'They' have opened the door to talk color!!!!205 Oct '22 16:38AverageJoe1Shallow Blue
Trump suing CNN for $475 million1005 Oct '22 16:33vivifyAverageJoe1
How did it work out for you?1605 Oct '22 12:06Mott The HoopleMetal Brain
How a U.S. Colony Works105 Oct '22 11:56Metal BrainMetal Brain
Who said they would use nukes first?7205 Oct '22 07:07Metal BrainMetal Brain
Biden thought a dead Democrat politician was al...904 Oct '22 10:59JJ AdamsWajoma
China's Threat To Take Taiwan By Force1004 Oct '22 05:34JJ AdamsMetal Brain
Vote: We Need Migrants to Pick the Crops3404 Oct '22 05:21AverageJoe1ogb
Martha's Vineyard residents claim "They enriche...4904 Oct '22 04:32JJ Adamssonhouse
Planning for the apocalypse804 Oct '22 00:06Metal BrainMetal Brain
Russia’s observers in Ukraine ‘referendums’2404 Oct '22 00:04Metal BrainMetal Brain

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