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Pawternity leave6420 Oct '21 10:41AverageJoe1divegeester
Artificial shortage conspiracy520 Oct '21 09:52Metal Brainkevcvs57
Colin Powell dead age 84, Covid related3020 Oct '21 08:12sonhousekevcvs57
politization of science220 Oct '21 08:07Ponderablekevcvs57
COVID Surges In Most-Vaxxed Nations8420 Oct '21 05:54Metal Brainshavixmir
Cold-weather states showing highest rate of new...1220 Oct '21 05:24sh76Metal Brain
DNC election meddling120 Oct '21 04:25Metal BrainMetal Brain
Censorship backfires5020 Oct '21 04:16Metal BrainMetal Brain
buttagag5120 Oct '21 02:03Mott The Hooplemghrn55
Fauci's handling of AIDS epidemic1020 Oct '21 00:36Metal BrainMetal Brain
Rightwingers pushing ivermectin1420 Oct '21 00:20sonhouseMetal Brain
Biden Cheats Our Constitution's 4th Amendment12620 Oct '21 00:16AverageJoe1Mott The Hoople
NYT Article: Children: Just One Dose, for Now4519 Oct '21 23:38sh76Eladar
Will Biden tell China to stand down, Like Trump...319 Oct '21 22:51AverageJoe1mghrn55
Polexit: what now?10119 Oct '21 17:53divegeestershavixmir
Hey Jim 🙄419 Oct '21 15:07ContenchessContenchess
Colin Powell is dead.1919 Oct '21 13:52ContenchessShallow Blue
How about TWO America's?2718 Oct '21 20:44sonhouseContenchess
Biden the Coward.2918 Oct '21 18:57ContenchessContenchess
Bernie is a Self Declared Socialist4418 Oct '21 17:30AverageJoe1shavixmir
ZBerg buys election. What if Bezos did?618 Oct '21 14:28AverageJoe1Mott The Hoople
Trumps republicans, ZOMBIE party.1018 Oct '21 13:56sonhousesonhouse
Gene vaccines cause more deaths than Covid192618 Oct '21 13:52Metal Brainsonhouse
How many deaths caused by vaccines?20418 Oct '21 13:19Metal Brainshavixmir
SARS2 lab origin over 97% likely5918 Oct '21 07:05Metal Brainshavixmir
Insider trading by politicians1918 Oct '21 05:40Metal Brainshavixmir
Michael Sussmann accused of lying to the FBI2218 Oct '21 03:09Metal BrainMetal Brain
Zuckerberg Spent $419M to Help Joe get Elected3818 Oct '21 02:20AverageJoe1wildgrass
It's nice to have unexpected help3917 Oct '21 22:19mchillSuzianne
Unvaxxed Patient DENIED Kidney Transplant5117 Oct '21 17:28Metal BrainAThousandYoung

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