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Liberals Hereby Condemn Everything Bad3222 Apr '24 18:52spruce112358AverageJoe1
It's a WITCH-HUNT!922 Apr '24 18:38mchillmoonbus
yeah he said it…2022 Apr '24 18:09Mott The Hooplesonhouse
Omar's (brrrr) daughter broke the law3922 Apr '24 18:06AverageJoe1sonhouse
libertarian7422 Apr '24 17:48wildgrasssonhouse
Trump NY Trial Issues - FYI8322 Apr '24 17:45no1maraudersonhouse
is this peak MAGA stupidity?9822 Apr '24 17:39wildgrasssonhouse
NC Stands With Ukraine1422 Apr '24 11:18spruce112358Wajoma
Burn!1722 Apr '24 09:01divegeesterWajoma
GOP History: 1981-Present4721 Apr '24 19:52Phrannymoonbus
Haiti Tries No Government1821 Apr '24 18:09spruce112358moonbus
He can't even sell a book4021 Apr '24 13:20AverageJoe1sonhouse
Biden Blabbers, Aide Cuts Him Off, Saves Him3021 Apr '24 11:38Cliff MashburnCliff Mashburn
Death to US? But pay our loans first?821 Apr '24 04:51AverageJoe1sonhouse
15 Most VALUABLE Learning Websites-8421 Apr '24 04:04mchillsonhouse
Just Watch The Video820 Apr '24 22:50Cliff MashburnSuzianne
Don't say you weren't warned2820 Apr '24 18:33Suziannewildgrass
Batches of the Juice Were 30% Lethal22220 Apr '24 15:17WajomaWajoma
The stock market5020 Apr '24 13:50shavixmirwildgrass
right to jury2420 Apr '24 12:31wildgrassspruce112358
Pales or Israel : which wants to kill us?1320 Apr '24 10:58AverageJoe1Rajk999
Trump TRYING to go to jail?2420 Apr '24 10:44sonhouseAverageJoe1
Biden scores diplomatic coup.920 Apr '24 05:42Cliff Mashburnsonhouse
Where are the hordes of Trump supporters today?2319 Apr '24 22:23sonhousesonhouse
Mayorkas Acquitted So Fast GOP Heads Spin1819 Apr '24 22:10spruce112358sonhouse
Where's Metalbrain?2419 Apr '24 10:54kmax87kevcvs57
DeSantis latest inhumanity to workers:3418 Apr '24 15:34sonhousesonhouse
Oh hell no! Stop climate change now!1318 Apr '24 15:00shavixmirshavixmir
Trump throws Mike Johnson under the bus318 Apr '24 10:42sonhousePonderable
Trump and MAGA are wearing thin1118 Apr '24 01:49mchillspruce112358

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