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Dutchess64 banned?11924 Jul '21 13:58sonhousebadradger
White Privilege8924 Jul '21 13:24PhrannyEladar
The Vicious Psychotic Hatred By The Left1924 Jul '21 13:16Dood111Mott The Hoople
Nobel Prize Winner: Vaccines creating variants3324 Jul '21 13:11Metal BrainSuzianne
Biden failed communism11524 Jul '21 11:27Metal BrainAverageJoe1
The World Prefers Biden over Trump3724 Jul '21 11:20vivifyAverageJoe1
More bad news for Republicans524 Jul '21 11:11mchillAverageJoe1
Butterscotch Privilege424 Jul '21 09:46Kevin ElevenSuzianne
Vaccine passports1724 Jul '21 07:44Metal Brainmghrn55
Vaccine misinformation: What misinformation?2824 Jul '21 06:56Metal BrainSuzianne
Fauci funded gain of function research on bat C...7324 Jul '21 06:51Metal BrainSuzianne
sharpygate1424 Jul '21 06:31Mott The HoopleSuzianne
Chess, Sweden, and Diversity5924 Jul '21 02:49Duchess64Metal Brain
Will spending $4T be the path to stop inflation...3924 Jul '21 01:54AverageJoe1Eladar
Trump hired actors for his campaign1624 Jul '21 01:31sonhouseAverageJoe1
Conspiracies theories proved correct?2523 Jul '21 23:21vivifyMott The Hoople
Biden-Lemon Townhall Meeting1723 Jul '21 20:18Dood111vivify
Ben and Jerry's5923 Jul '21 17:53no1marauderAThousandYoung
Nordics: Any of them launched any Bezos-like ro...6123 Jul '21 10:45AverageJoe1kevcvs57
How many deaths caused by vaccines?6323 Jul '21 03:25Metal Brainshavixmir
What's wrong with gene therapy?2123 Jul '21 00:18wildgrassMetal Brain
Trump Ally Arrested for Being Foreign Agent3722 Jul '21 22:01vivifysonhouse
L'Internationale as Sung by Students at Tsinghu...722 Jul '21 20:00Duchess64mghrn55
Should These "Educators" Be Fired?322 Jul '21 18:44Dood111vivify
A Story of Love and Faith2922 Jul '21 14:08Duchess64kevcvs57
Our brothers picking up some goods at Target.322 Jul '21 14:04AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
war mongers6322 Jul '21 06:42Mott The HoopleMetal Brain
F-3556722 Jul '21 04:36wildgrasswildgrass
just a little reminder4422 Jul '21 04:25Mott The Hooplewildgrass
Biden lies about delta variant3722 Jul '21 03:39Metal BrainMetal Brain

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