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Justifying the Unjustified War7118 May '22 09:40EintaluJSuzianne
Population control918 May '22 09:32Metal BrainSuzianne
NATO members have veto power4118 May '22 07:37Metal BrainMetal Brain
NFT’s1518 May '22 05:04shavixmirshavixmir
Missouri bill outlawing out-of-state abortion10918 May '22 03:06vivifyno1marauder
Now you can Legally Bribe Them3018 May '22 02:34jimm619jimm619
Psaki replacement READS, just like Biden does?!1018 May '22 02:02AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
More GOP vs Women1818 May '22 01:58jimm619AverageJoe1
Same Old GOP Stuff...Criticize and Obstruct1818 May '22 01:07jimm619mghrn55
Tons of baby formula delivered to border for il...2618 May '22 01:06JJ AdamsMetal Brain
Biden BEGS Venezuela For Oil7418 May '22 00:45Metal BrainMetal Brain
Why the filibuster should be nuked2517 May '22 22:26sh76Shallow Blue
Chinese Terrorist Shoots Up Church717 May '22 19:35AThousandYoungEarl of Trumps
Sweden to join NATO with Finland as US-led war ...1717 May '22 14:49EintaluJshavixmir
A heads-up on Democratic fear1617 May '22 14:49AverageJoe1jimm619
Was Ukraine joining NATO ever realistic?5217 May '22 11:30vivifyno1marauder
Red States making abortion criminal offense1416 May '22 19:49vivifysonhouse
Most people want a 3rd party POTUS7816 May '22 16:36Metal Brainjimm619
A Show of Hands2016 May '22 11:52jimm619jimm619
No way to prevent this1516 May '22 07:53ZahlanziZahlanzi
3rd Reich Conquered Ukraine In 6 Weeks816 May '22 02:05JJ AdamsAThousandYoung
How can gov decide what is acceptable speech?10215 May '22 20:42AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
Hitler conspiracy theory7215 May '22 20:32Metal BrainMetal Brain
$100 for a tank of gas5415 May '22 15:14JJ AdamsShallow Blue
Nuclear war16715 May '22 02:07Metal BrainMetal Brain
Trump lies & nobody calls him on it5815 May '22 00:20Metal Brainjimm619
Democrats should protest Manchin3914 May '22 00:49Metal BrainAverageJoe1
USA Breaks A Million Covid Deaths2013 May '22 20:57JJ Adamstechsouth
It's really about control1813 May '22 18:44wildgrassSuzianne
Ukraine war crimes3113 May '22 05:31Metal Brainpawnpaw

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