Chessaroos Australia

Fair dinkum True Blue Aussie

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1926Standard memberkingaroo1140109 Jan '20 10:50Club Games
1743Standard memberLevonB6311208 Jun '19 11:03Club Games
1727Standard membermusicmanjp8118626 Feb '13 03:14Club Games
1678Subscriberstratosph3R37711627 Oct '21 23:23Club Games
1672Subscribertopknot66253026 Aug '19 08:16Club Games
1656Standard memberluke myster7137603 Nov '15 21:58Club Games
1617Standard membermanusdoc255102 Feb '14 03:01Club Games
1599Standard memberPardis9113412327 Feb '20 00:41Club Games
1559DonationSimon McMahon7139717 Oct '17 07:25Club Games
1556Subscriberredward13861927 Oct '21 06:50Club Games
1545Standard memberRoman III221027 Oct '21 11:21Club Games
1541Standard memberHegemon3312326 Aug '19 17:06Club Games
1537Standard memberxylodawn1911121 Jan '13 15:18Club Games
1529Standard memberThe Big Bishop11752514 Jul '19 16:58Club Games
1523Standard memberstephensmith3311853027 Oct '21 09:18Club Games
1513Subscribercricketman175891427 Oct '21 05:18Club Games
1509SubscriberBruin2781301428 Oct '21 01:19Club Games
1507Standard memberChrisVicAU17965830 Nov '17 00:21Club Games
1505Subscriberscrappie5026627 Oct '21 06:54Club Games
1490Standard memberAussieG155020 Dec '11 07:50Club Games
1481Standard memberfergatron2820215 Jan '14 20:59Club Games
1477Standard memberrook66148215 Jul '14 12:33Club Games
1473Standard memberLoki746344730 Sep '21 00:02Club Games
1448SubscriberQuanto11088827 Oct '21 21:47Club Games
1447Subscribergeorgea73401028 Oct '21 00:21Club Games
1447Subscriberalastair nicoll3721528 Oct '21 00:08Club Games
1444Standard memberExchecker811125 Oct '13 09:40Club Games
1442Standard memberbondiboy7352227 Oct '21 21:35Club Games
1423Standard memberFriendlyKnight249120 Mar '10 02:49Club Games
1415Subscribertheundertaker2112027 Oct '21 10:39Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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