Bang Average

For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1571SubscriberTenacitiz77211206 Jun '20 06:28Club Games
1525SubscriberFatKidonaTrampoline330141906 Jun '20 08:16Club Games
1507SubscriberPeterbowen8139361405 Jun '20 22:14Club Games
1498Standard memberGoodKnight2U597204 Jun '20 20:30Club Games
1473Subscriberbohemia515341254606 Jun '20 06:00Club Games
1433Subscribertedmatly3215205 Jun '20 20:38Club Games
1413Standard memberbelekas2210201 Jun '20 12:10Club Games
1378Subscribermig2186365112405 Jun '20 23:09Club Games
1360SubscriberOneleggedjedionline1751181206 Jun '20 08:31Club Games
1356Subscribershadowplay105771006 Jun '20 07:12Club Games
1347SubscriberMekon3319004 Jun '20 22:38Club Games
1340Subscriberedenfield9912769906 Jun '20 07:28Club Games
1289SubscriberDTH1711391306 Jun '20 02:51Club Games
1267SubscriberLuath2572691905 Jun '20 19:02Club Games
1266Subscribermpresson8987905 Jun '20 17:13Club Games
1263Standard memberTwirly1910120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1254SubscriberWB6SVS2442371806 Jun '20 03:14Club Games
1250SubscriberShadowKnight13862117007 May '20 16:29Club Games
1249Subscriberlstcyr4165454306 Jun '20 03:23Club Games
1247Subscriberbeardmusic1491702205 Jun '20 22:33Club Games
1234Subscriberjkmelancon157216306 Jun '20 01:12Club Games
1232Subscriberondman5753306 Jun '20 03:04Club Games
1231SubscriberMuxloe Fosse7572205 Jun '20 11:17Club Games
1217Standard memberPhilokalia7570606 Jun '20 05:27Club Games
1195Subscribersuicidebishop4794867606 Jun '20 05:51Club Games
1134Subscriberjocular3061221361606 Jun '20 01:17Club Games
1115Subscribersandwichjim5367606 Jun '20 06:16Club Games
1111SubscriberOMuniz8601832601105 Jun '20 16:09Club Games
926SubscriberBigD00156490405 Jun '20 18:30Club Games
854SubscriberTathagatas161418705 Jun '20 09:22Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).