The patriots

For all N.A.T.O. members, and allies.

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1736Subscriberbeatlemaniaonline408884209 Dec '23 21:43Club Games
1725Subscriberilluminator118222009 Dec '23 18:15Club Games
1718SubscriberPaul Leggett80112008 Dec '23 23:33Club Games
1702SubscriberBillyDean430109 Dec '23 21:15Club Games
1691SubscriberCraig stone323003 Dec '23 11:22Club Games
1649Subscriberjb70141372015709 Dec '23 21:37Club Games
1637Standard memberTonks104211331 Dec '21 08:24Club Games
1572Subscriberderdidas136108 Dec '23 22:28Club Games
1530Subscribersperzman6613379209 Dec '23 18:36Club Games
1522SubscriberZorroTheFoxonline1930154927909 Dec '23 21:52Club Games
1484SubscriberNomarNiceGuy131414009 Dec '23 20:38Club Games
1443SubscriberTenacitiz3071995809 Dec '23 09:32Club Games
1428SubscriberOdinson3743055209 Dec '23 02:53Club Games
1418SubscriberTalonBoss107691809 Dec '23 21:14Club Games
1381SubscriberSERGEANTPMAIN58035015409 Dec '23 20:01Club Games
1378Subscriberfoamin135125809 Dec '23 15:04Club Games
1363Standard memberCostad60452813409 Dec '23 17:01Club Games
1361SubscriberRonaldGalen1782101609 Dec '23 16:51Club Games
1356Subscribergolddog21832161409 Dec '23 20:59Club Games
1354Standard memberjpitsme55441106 Dec '23 20:59Club Games
1339SubscriberEric Knight1551191309 Dec '23 14:01Club Games
1330SubscriberS0AP2462862309 Dec '23 20:03Club Games
1324Subscribermcdar1119511307 Dec '23 00:46Club Games
1319Standard memberMEGASERV3052283006 Feb '17 20:09Club Games
1312Subscriberbohemia5162840210809 Dec '23 21:12Club Games
1282Standard memberHEDROSS6170709 Dec '23 07:28Club Games
1281Subscriberpeter wilton1411211309 Dec '23 20:34Club Games
1251Subscriberchessnut621011242109 Dec '23 21:27Club Games
1232SubscriberMguillot93122509 Dec '23 20:22Club Games
1150Subscriberacanthus1581641409 Dec '23 13:49Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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