World Chess Championship (Game 8)

World Chess Championship (Game 8)

The Planet Greenpawn

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World Chess Championship (Game 8)

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A picture taken after Game 7. A shattered Ding Liren and a relieved Nepo.

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Game 8 (recap after my instant in game notes.)

Ding Liren played an obscure 9 Ra2 which appears to have been played before.
White did a pseudo sac to open the h-file and yet again we have been invited to
another tactical chess feast with short sharp knockouts appearing on the board.

Ding had a 30 minute think on what appeared to be an obvious move (17 d6). It’s
the type of move you just play and then think after the reply to see that happens.
Ding strung together a few quick replies so it appears he had it all worked out.
(A lot of punters had thought he had gone into another trance like the last game.)

Ding had the win on the board. Even I saw it here.

Ding did not play 26.Rd3 Rd8 (what else) 27. Rh3 1-0.

Nepo bluffed Ding into thinking he a perpetual which I too would have knocked
back if I was going for a win. Later analyse proved there was no perpetual.
(The line I give in a sub variation may not be the best it looks pretty convincing.

Ding Liren - Ian. Nepomniachtchi - Game 8
The question is can Ding Liren recover from his round 7 disaster.

That perpetual try by Nepo that Ding did not allow.

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