Play Against the Petrov by Playing the Petrov!

Play Against the Petrov by Playing the Petrov!

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Linking Chess with Historical Places (No. 63 in the series.)

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Here I am playing chess on a mobile outside the house where
Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone was born.
He is not to be confused with Alexander the Great or any other
famous Alexander like Alexander Archipelago or Alekhine.
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This one was shown to me recently by one of the kids I help coach.
He said he got it from the internet. The board is the right way around.

White to play and mate in 8

This next one came from the same coaching session.
I do not know the composer but this one is a beauty.

White to play and win.
Think of Skewers and Pins.

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Wesley So - Alexey Sarana, FIDE World Cup 2023.

Black has just played. 32...h4-h3.

If 33.Nxe8 Ne2+ and 34.hxg2 mate. Wesley never fell for it but still lost the game.

I thought I would find a lot of RHP examples with this pattern
but there was only a handful and in most cases the winner had
more than a few ways to mate. I do have one example to show.

foamin - BillyB49 RHP 2012

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An Idea in The Petrov Defence.(and a new tactical idea.)

I know what you are now thinking. That is not the Petrov because there is a pawn on h6.
The idea is you as White will not be playing against the Petrov, you will be playing it!
I have been through 3 large databases, including here and nobody has tried my idea.

Next is my Chase the Rainbow Variation.

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Out of curiosity I thought when was the latest 0-0 or 0-0-0 on RHP.
Good idea I might strike a piece of RHP gold. But alas nothing special
appeared. In all of the games the player eventually castling was easily
winning and castled for the fun of it. A pity but worth a try here they are.

kingdog - Fatbouy RHP 2014

White played 56.0-0

Pedro99 - bkcavguy RHP 2015

Black played 56...0-0

Arayn - Rishard RHP 2017

White played 51. 0-0-0

Adam1k - palmer45 RHP 2021

Black played 54....0-0-0

To complete the longest since a move was played theme, here is a 42 move
game with no captures. (I posted this a few years ago. It is still the record.)

woody65 - Land Crawford RHP 2012

The final position. If you have lost the will to live then play out the complete game.


Checkmate in 8,

White to play and win.

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