Philidor at the Opera (not Morphy)

Philidor at the Opera (not Morphy)

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Philidor at the Opera (not Morphy)

A bust of Francois-Andre ‘just call me Andy’ Philidor (1726-1795)

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It’s on the facade at the Opera Garnier in Paris.

A cartoon I knocked up after seeing a similar idea
with Masons shaking hands before a tennis match.

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This weeks puzzle.

J. Anderson - C. Kennedy, Great Yarmouth 2023

White to play. 1.Rxd7 but which Rook. And how about 1.Qxd8+
1. Rdxd7 Rxd7 2. Rb8+ Rd8 3. Rxd8 checkmate.

After the Philidor intro I thought I’d show a few games with the Philidor Opening.

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I’m not but I will remind the readers of the Morphy Pin Trick

Morphy at the Opera (sadly not the Garnier) to remove a defender
and bring the h1 Rook in the game Morphy played 13.Rxd7 Rxd7 Rd1.

Once seen the idea it should never be forgotten.

Let’s look at the Sokolsky Gambit in the Philidor Opening.
I’ll do a spot of analysis (and sneak in a Morphy Pin Trick.)

Next an OTB (Over The Board) game with the move 5.Nbd2.

M. Buscher - M. Hoefker, Germany 1991 (analysis after move 23.)

Sadly this what actually happened. (though an alert and instructive wrap up by Black.)

M. Buscher - M. Hoefker, Germany

We end with this piece of RHP wizardry.

luka - twhitehead RHP 2007

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