Knights Galore

Knights Galore

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Knights Galore

I was at Linlithgow Palace to watch a mock medieval jousting tournament.
Good day out. Here I am with one of the Knights who let me wear his hat.

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(It’s a helmet not a hat...but this is good keep it going...Russ)

Me with a chess at a window seat in Linlithgow Palace.
Apparently Mary Queen of Scots liked sitting here.

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Me and a chess set in the Great Hall of Linlithgow Palace

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That is enough greenpawn.
green pawns

This ‘White to play and win’ position...

...composed by Ofer Comay was used in CHESS magazine April 2008 offering
a £25.00 gift voucher to the first correct solvers name being drawn from a hat.
Sadly no £25.00 gift voucher today, just the warm glow of solvers satisfaction.
The really good move you are asked to find is White’s 4th move. Good Luck.

B. Hymer - H. Davis, CHESS magazine July 2023.

White to play. This one took me longer than what it should have done.
It is one of those puzzles. You either get in 5 seconds or it takes a minute.

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The Ofer Comay Study.

B. Hymer - H. Davis.

1.Rc6 wins a piece. If 1...Rxc6 2.Ra8+ mates in two moves.

green pawns

For the past few weeks the war cry has been ‘Pause Before Promoting’ this
week we look at Pausing Before Allowing a Promotion. Here is an example.

jonesy3156 - rydnine RHP 2012 (Black to play)

Play went 58...b1=Q 59.Bxb1 stalemate. 59 Bd4 Checkmate looks better.

Joe1949 - lstcyr RHP 2021 (White to play)

62.Re7 e1=Q 63 Rxe1 1-0. Instead it went 62. Kd2 e1=Q+ 63. Kxe1 Stalemate.

You now get the idea of what has been happening. Players becoming mesmerised
by an advanced pawn on the verge of promoting missing how to handle it correctly.

McKyla - KylasDad RHP 2021 (White to play)

White can allow the promotion with 51.Nf5 h1=Q 52 Ne7+ and then g8=Q+ 1-0. or a
simple win with 51.Nh1 Kh7 52.Kf7. Instead we saw 51.Kg6 h1=Q 52.Nxh1 stalemate.

drysteam - BrianYoo RHP 2014

green pawns

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We started with me looking at Knights fighting so how about looking at RHP games
where both sides have nothing but a pair Knights and one of the delivers checkmate.

The Undertaker - shaarawy RHP 2013 (Black to play)

Black can play 36...Kd6 instead it went. 36...Nd1 37.Nc4 Checkmate.

alive 69 - joaocaico RHP 2011

Penguin303 - DMusicman RHP 2012. (I’ve saved the best till last.)

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