Knight Sac, Rook Sac and Queen Mates

Knight Sac, Rook Sac and Queen Mates

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Knight Sac, Rook Sac and Queen Mates

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A position from a Birmingham League match....that is Birmingham in the U.K.
I’ve never been to the U.S.A. Birmingham but I have been to the UK Birmingham.
I’ve also been to Boston to see the Boston Barracudas speedway team. I have
no idea if the U.S.A. Boston has a speedway team. I have never been there.
I’ve been to York many times but never New York. I really must get out more.

J. Crump - A. Holowczak, Birmingham Chess League, 2009

Such is the state of the game Black only (if only) needs a draw to win the match
A loss and White’s team draw the match. This the situation. What would you do?

Black to play. Don’t bother running it through an engine, it will not get it, this
is a human v human game. Computers do not even know they are playing a game.

(it is not offer a draw!) The solution is at the bottom of this blog.
green pawns

This weeks puzzles.

White to play and win. . I do not know (yet) the name of the composer.

Answer at the bottom of the blog.

This next one, yebver - fulerac RHP 2013 has the solution hidden below.

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I have made up the names, an anagram of, be very careful.

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Own up how many quickly went 1...Rxf3 2.Bb4 1-0. the answer is 1...Rxd2.

I got the idea for that last one from raiox - Marko Krale RHP 2012 (real players)

White played the crafty 14.Bd2 and Black played 14...Qxd6 and then resigned.
green pawns

A few days ago I posted the neat wrap up to this RHP game in the Chess Forum.

Egyptianeer - akiram RHP 2011

Twice I have delivered checkmate OTB when I thought all I had was a perpetual.
When the position I had been analysing appeared in the flesh I found the checkmate.

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In need of a theme for the week I looked for Red Hot Pawn games that went a
N+ captured, a R+ captured, Queen mate, in that order in consecutive moves.

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A Black Knight then a Rook giving check and getting captured. A Queen giving mate.
Look between moves five to sixty. The sequence is to be no more than five moves long.

queenknightrook - rebus65 RHP 2008 (Black to pay)

I like this one. Black clears the path for their Queen to get to e4. They then pull the e1 Rook
away from defending e4. 1...Ng5+ 2...Rxf1+ 3...Qe4 mate. (1...Rxf1+ and 2..Ng5+ also works.)

MikeB62 - gandalff RHP 2022 (Black to play goes for an epaulette mate.)

1... Nf3+ 2. gxf3 (2. Ke2 then 2...Nxg5) 2... Rxe3+ 3.. fxe3 Qxe3 checkmate.

duncangarfield - rjwc22 RHP 2008 (White to play, time for you to solve one)

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1. Ne4+ dxe4 2. Rxd7+ Bxd7 3. Qc5 mate

Mahoutsoukai - chuphone RHP 2008 (White to play, solve it.)

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1. Ng6+ hxg6 2. Rh5+ gxh5 3. Qxh5 Checkmate

And now a game with the Theme of the Week.
zekemaster - cuukey RHP 2022


J. Crump - A. Holowczak, Birmingham Chess League, 2009

White to play and win.

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The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 198960

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