A Ghost Story and Endgame Ernie

A Ghost Story and Endgame Ernie

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And this is me on lounging on the beach reading a CHESS magazine.

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Inside the magazine on the puzzle page was this one.

Le Tuan Minh - D. Paravyan, Internet Blitz 2023 (White to play)

1.Bf1 but White played 1. Kh2 Rh1+ and Bishop or King takes on h1 is stalemate.

Some RHP games from this year ending in a needless Stalemate.
Tinashe Mutsungi Shoko - TonyLey RHP 2023 (Black to play)

56....h1=Q Stalemate. A Rook also stalemated but another Bishop or Knight wins.

kingbaz2 - S h a n e RHP 2023 (White to play)

63.cxb5 stalemate. 63. axb5 and it is checkmate in three moves.

TheTyranny - ssaulius RHP 2023 (Black to play)

Black played 71...Rc7 and White should not have played 72. Rxc7 stalemate
First we look at the forced drawing line, then how White could have won..

But White can win this and to show you I’ll need to bring in Endgame Ernie.
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Hi Wood Shifters, Mr. greenpawn has brought my back to show you some endgames.
20 years ago I threw away all my chess pieces except for the Kings, Rooks and Pawns.
What fun I have been having studying these endings. I love endings. I married a woman
called Matilda Endsworth and when me and ‘Matty’ had a daughter we named her Lucena.

Get on with it you nerd, else I’ll put you back in the box.

green pawns

Thank you Ernie and finally we play a guessing game.

How many games played so far in 2023 do you think ended with a Knight checkmate?
148 under 10 moves. In total there are 3,662 Knight checkmates.

A lot of the games under 10 moves are Legall’s Mate for both colours.

prgin - Lamor RHP 2023

6.Nxe5 Bxd1. 7.Bxf7+ Ke7 8.Nd5 mate.

jrpapa - jebedo6391 RHP 2023

6...Nxe4 7.Bxd8 Bxf2+ 8.Ke2 Nd4 mate.
Here are two more Knight Mates, one with each colour.

Gavin Hughes - Steeve1 RHP 2023

Andrew Lovett - Kmt RHP 2023

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