Introduction to Chess Programming

Chess programming

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Introduction to Chess Programming

This and the following pages give an overview of how Rival plays chess. Specific code details are not discussed yet but the source code is available for download.

Rival for Windows is written and compiled using Borland C++ 4.52 although all the dialog boxes are generated with the Visual Studio resource editor owing to a problem with Borland's resource generation for Windows 95/98 style dialog boxes. This problem may have been resolved in Borland C++ 5.0 but I have never used that product.

If you try to compile the code using the Borland compiler you may get a compiler error for the if statement in the function template unsigned TMCVectorImp ::Find( const T& t ) const in the header file include/classlib/vectimp.h. This can by resolved be commenting out both lines of the if statement as Rival does not use this code. I have never looked into why this error occurs.