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2023 August Grand Split Three Seven I 0-1300 m...223 Aug '23 16:00Codex1554Russ
strange incident at the tournament list305 Aug '23 05:12PonderableKewpie
Tournament wins106 Dec '22 16:18vendavenda
Extra points for the winner205 Dec '22 12:20MuxagataPonderable
Club games/ratings129 Nov '22 23:05mlb62mlb62
Tournament Cutoffs229 Nov '22 09:37krugerandvenda
Tournament entry326 Sep '22 11:38MinusPonderable
Two questions415 Jul '22 09:18RemovedRemoved
Resignations1227 Jan '22 10:49FrancopawnFrancopawn
Setting up a Private Tournament607 Sep '21 16:41ReyRey
Tournament started prematurely? Why?125 Aug '21 21:15trumbull2400trumbull2400
leaving a tournament907 Aug '21 12:26jerryib1Deepa Aswal
One Thousand Tournaments323 Sep '20 15:25lstcyrRuss
Tournament Record314 Sep '20 09:29Hyperion7Hyperion7
1700-2000 (ish) private tournament628 Aug '20 12:3264squaresofpain64squaresofpain
New Tournament for top players; 1 group of 16 (...421 Aug '20 12:49Erika NuWoofwoof
How often are there new tournaments?408 Jun '20 22:54floattheriverjorge cordeiro
13 years ago today, a tournament started.1029 May '20 09:52RussPonderable
More 7 day tournaments please320 Apr '20 12:09gundelgundel
More class tournaments please915 Apr '20 09:03old indianMonk3
one more player131 Jan '20 11:10PonderablePonderable
New tournaments327 Dec '19 09:40cawsddynkrugerand
It's not Gedult's opening1915 Dec '19 14:29PatzeringRBHILL
program for swiss pairing418 Nov '19 14:50fmstevaPonderable
Allowing higher rated player in lower rated tou...417 Oct '19 14:22gregsflatgregsflat
creating a new tournament324 Aug '19 01:33Dan PascuMekon
Tournament for non subscribers730 Jul '19 04:25KewpieKewpie
Tournament Types?724 Jul '19 00:40FastEddieBSuzianne
Hardcore Tournaments!1104 Jun '19 22:04chessturdVery Rusty
Tournament timeouts415 Jan '19 20:46cawsddynvenda

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