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    @bob-kramer said
    You didn't google far enough.
    Try googling covfefe 5G; you will find research that ties the two together.
    I did exactly that. The folk who hang out in the bizarre world of social media have certainly been very creative with the word invented by an insomniac trump back in 2017. I must admit there's been a lot of talk, and some of those FB sites are reasonably coherent, but I didn't find anything at all that could be supported by mainstream science or the scientific method.

    In your mind, is something published by an uninformed, uneducated, dishonest or insane person valid just because they've managed to say it on social media?
    Sorry, I can't go there. I believe in common sense, logical thinking and Occam's Razor.
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    22 Sep '20 12:19
    Sheila, don't be so defensive.
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    01 Oct '20 19:211 edit
    I do so envy your fresh analytical minds.
    Please do not beat me up if you don't agree or if I appear misinformed, it's just an old, insane mans thoughts from yester-year.

    We still do not know what magnetism is, and ergo electromagnetism.
    Back in the 80's I worked on the effects of mutual inductance of transmitted frequencies (very low back then) on the steel infrastructures of buildings and the resulting harmonics which may or may not have been amplified, such as we exploit in antennas.
    When the experiments were performed nothing of any significance was observed and the theory of "sick building syndrome" could have that removed as a cause.
    But when we conducted the experiment again at the bottom of an old coal mine, something bizarre was noticed, An FM signal caused any crystals within the steel framework to resonate at a frequency higher than the original frequency, orders of magnitude more, this did in fact cause biological tissue to react, I surmised that the imparting of energy to the Ion/Electron bond would cause the electrons to move into higher covalent shells.
    Biological matter can handle an increase in energy, and will be happy to return to its normal level after time, but only if that imparted energy does not push the electrons so far away that they are unable to return.

    But to cut a long story short, we have no idea what 5G will do in its interactions with other technology/materials, and for this reason I would caution the use of it until such times as we have that knowledge.

    Edit: Of course it doesn't matter what I think, it was an interesting read and I thought I would share my own experiences.
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    31 Oct '20 08:46
    This is a wonderful world of mysteries.
    I was reading, of course I can't remember where, that high voltage transformers don't obey the law of conservation of energy.. No one knows where some of the energy goes.
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