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Is Jesus too liberal for Republicans?24620 Sep '23 09:58vivifyKellyJay
Did Jesus say...?8111 Sep '23 20:35FMFdivegeester
Why the Bible?2311 Sep '23 20:32divegeesterdivegeester
Romans 2:15811 Sep '23 16:13FMFRajk999
The 50 Commandments of Jesus.802 Sep '23 12:32KevinSinFMF
The Unborn Again Ones2802 Sep '23 05:38josephwdivegeester
Capital, disagreement, my neighbor.1802 Sep '23 05:37KellyJaydivegeester
Dishonest Christian politicians11831 Aug '23 10:17FMFFMF
Just Imagine427 Aug '23 21:59Star Luck KeySuzianne
Paradise20723 Aug '23 20:02Pianoman1KellyJay
"Thoughtcrimes"8522 Aug '23 22:31FMFSuzianne
Theocracy2422 Aug '23 08:41FMFdivegeester
Dietary Restrictions and Other Forms of Control3522 Aug '23 04:31Rajk999Philokalia
Christ is for Everybody. All People are Saved/...10221 Aug '23 21:15Rajk999divegeester
The Fifteen Commandments1220 Aug '23 12:29Suziannedivegeester
Science Negates All of Abrahamic Religions58015 Aug '23 08:56caissad4moonbus
Christian flat earthers2914 Aug '23 19:30divegeesterdivegeester
Is consciousness an illusion?9213 Aug '23 06:44Kilroy70divegeester
Christians - Tread lightly2010 Aug '23 11:29mchillRajk999
Serious question: God's anatomy3910 Aug '23 08:08vivifySuzianne
The problem with the dinosaurs6509 Aug '23 08:20divegeesterSuzianne
The Fall of "New Atheism"206 Aug '23 02:43FMFFMF
Faith transcends logic18102 Aug '23 12:15mchillFMF
Did Jesus claim to be God?6231 Jul '23 18:31FMFdivegeester
The best of all possible worlds1330 Jul '23 05:38FMFdivegeester
First amendment right to refuse services to...10129 Jul '23 13:29FMFFMF
Question for non-literalist Christians14323 Jul '23 05:30vivifymoonbus
pope caving in ?16113 Jul '23 22:02mlb62FMF
Can transgender people be truly Christian?23501 Jul '23 09:22divegeesterdivegeester
Why does the universe exist?4030 Jun '23 13:53divegeesterdivegeester

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