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honesty1301 Aug '21 19:15ogbEladar
Evidence of an Intelligent Creator ?7901 Aug '21 16:54sonshipsonship
Digging around for proof of God's existence2301 Aug '21 13:29mchillsonship
Darwin a Racist and a Sexist ?6401 Aug '21 13:07sonshipsonship
...139801 Aug '21 12:54rookie54rookie54
Kindly gestures from lunatics2001 Aug '21 12:41Kevin Elevenrookie54
Posts that include "you" or "your" . . .728 Jul '21 16:02Kevin Elevenogb
Christ's Death Grounded in the Supernatural3126 Jul '21 21:59sonshipsonship
Advanced Christian Salvation Theory5826 Jul '21 15:12BigDoggsonship
The last word in the whole Bible2526 Jul '21 01:01sonshipsonship
the pope4923 Jul '21 21:07ogbEladar
The True "Critical Race"2322 Jul '21 12:35sonshipsonship
Something for nothing7820 Jul '21 21:22mchillFMF
"The friend of my enemy is me"2719 Jul '21 18:47Kevin ElevenKevin Eleven
Genesis 1:3 and Light10216 Jul '21 22:41Eladarsonship
Foolishness of God 1 Cor 3:18-207716 Jul '21 20:20Eladarsonship
Engage?1516 Jul '21 00:21BigDoggBigDogg
Christ in Genesis 1,2815 Jul '21 11:56sonshipsonship
The Father is greater than I16012 Jul '21 15:36sonshipsonship
Could "perish" simply mean die?20412 Jul '21 10:57sonshipsonship
akashic record710 Jul '21 15:40ogbogb
The K11 Version: "No greater love" (John 15:13)2609 Jul '21 01:02Kevin ElevenKevin Eleven
did Eve have a nice body?2806 Jul '21 15:17lemondropdivegeester
Trying to date Creation9106 Jul '21 11:04Eladarmoonbus
What is the Difference between being Religious ...2005 Jul '21 19:12medullahvivify
The Remains of Sodom and Gamorrah?3304 Jul '21 10:34sonshipdivegeester
Would this be wrong?703 Jul '21 17:56vivifysonship
Differencce between spirit and soul?8102 Jul '21 14:17vivifysonship
Who died on the cross?8002 Jul '21 13:25sonshipsonship
Thoughtcrimes3428 Jun '21 06:02FMFFMF

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