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That is not RIGHT!13929 Jun '22 09:10KellyJayKellyJay
Don’t go beyond the event horizon!129 Jun '22 06:43divegeesterdivegeester
Meta-narrative57229 Jun '22 05:22KellyJaydivegeester
Why can't the coach pray on the field?6429 Jun '22 00:31FMFFMF
Burial or cremation?1428 Jun '22 23:06FMFvistesd2
Quantum Entanglement2728 Jun '22 20:28josephwmoonbus
That’s me in the corner1828 Jun '22 05:36divegeesterdivegeester
...172827 Jun '22 13:33rookie54rookie54
The sonship era is over5127 Jun '22 09:54FMFdivegeester
"Most violence is caused by mental illness"32426 Jun '22 04:54FMFKevin Eleven
A lot of mental illness is caused by violence1626 Jun '22 01:16Kevin ElevenKevin Eleven
Jesus, the 2nd amendment, and AR-15s1625 Jun '22 23:12FMFKevin Eleven
Mysterious Ways923 Jun '22 06:21divegeesterdivegeester
Apparently, I am an Anti-Christ3620 Jun '22 03:30FMFdivegeester
I’m think about dumping this forum for a while18517 Jun '22 22:24divegeesterdivegeester
Proof you can’t take the bible literally8416 Jun '22 12:18divegeesterdivegeester
There is no “eternal son”26916 Jun '22 06:22divegeesterdivegeester
Natural vs Supernatual explanations1916 Jun '22 00:12KellyJaydivegeester
RHP religious philosophy 1011815 Jun '22 17:15divegeesterdivegeester
The Big Lie2513 Jun '22 05:45FMFmoonbus
Christianity doesn't belong in the toilet2312 Jun '22 03:33FMFFMF
The meaning of life made simple5611 Jun '22 10:56divegeesterdivegeester
Are you dumb enough?3009 Jun '22 19:49divegeesterKevin Eleven
Modular doctrine construction3809 Jun '22 06:25divegeesterdivegeester
Ataraxia2609 Jun '22 05:38FMFvistesd2
Seeing Death8908 Jun '22 02:34FMFFMF
When your faith can actually banish another pos...2306 Jun '22 23:53divegeestervistesd2
The effort yields its own rewards1506 Jun '22 23:22FMFvistesd2
What is natural?4205 Jun '22 23:15KellyJayIndonesia Phil
How many God’s do you worship?30603 Jun '22 03:23divegeesterKevin Eleven

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