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Did Jesus speak Greek?823 Apr '24 22:39PettyTalkPettyTalk
Hating someone you can see.1123 Apr '24 16:53KellyJayKellyJay
God and Science20223 Apr '24 11:01KellyJaydivegeester
The Real World2023 Apr '24 08:06PettyTalkdivegeester
...237522 Apr '24 14:04rookie54rookie54
Questions for Biblical literalists.16321 Apr '24 21:11PettyTalkdivegeester
A new religious war.3320 Apr '24 02:04FartacusSuzianne
Moving518 Apr '24 19:36KellyJayPettyTalk
Light.....3516 Apr '24 19:15galveston75PettyTalk
Is Evil a real thing?2313 Apr '24 22:49KellyJayFartacus
The Succint Connection of Christianity and Plat...3112 Apr '24 17:02PettyTalkPettyTalk
Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses2708 Apr '24 21:42Rajk999Rajk999
Jehovah Witnesses distancing themselves3908 Apr '24 15:53Ghost of a DukeGhost of a Duke
The natural10008 Apr '24 10:22KellyJaydivegeester
circumscism1207 Apr '24 21:15the grifterdivegeester
Royal Australian Commission ~ reprise4407 Apr '24 09:40divegeesterdivegeester
Growing up in Jehovah Witness home11507 Apr '24 01:39Rajk999Rajk999
For the Deniers of JW History. The 1914 Great ...2604 Apr '24 18:20Rajk999Rajk999
End of the world - 19142904 Apr '24 17:44Ghost of a DukeRajk999
Belief in Belief4904 Apr '24 13:35spruce112358spruce112358
Shootings15601 Apr '24 18:26galveston75Suzianne
Care to answer my questions?9331 Mar '24 11:19KellyJayKellyJay
Atheists in foxholes 21730 Mar '24 23:16FMFspruce112358
Trump is now selling Bibles.530 Mar '24 15:34KingDavid403PettyTalk
Invite to the Memorial of Jesus death.5930 Mar '24 13:14galveston75PettyTalk
Curious about where this may go?3530 Mar '24 02:03galveston75Suzianne
The magic of childhood1029 Mar '24 07:29mchilldivegeester
The Surface of the Deep1126 Mar '24 14:57AThousandYoungPettyTalk
The Pope3125 Mar '24 17:43DrewnogalPettyTalk
all religions3825 Mar '24 17:05mlb62BigDogg

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