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Work in progress4304 Mar '24 15:01RussRuss
option for notification401 Mar '24 12:13PonderableRuss
Free Subs629 Feb '24 23:43WajomaWajoma
Thread Pages1129 Feb '24 23:42WajomaWajoma
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down929 Feb '24 23:38WajomaWajoma
Tactical resignations1629 Feb '24 08:03vendaSuzianne
Filters324 Feb '24 11:29vendavenda
Time stamps in YouTube player924 Feb '24 00:40vivifyWajoma
Clan points722 Feb '24 08:38vendadivegeester
is there any way to continue on with a game tha...1020 Feb '24 01:12BrrrWajoma
live chess pgns are being generated without spe...611 Feb '24 12:03congruentRuss
Remove 6 PM limit for non-subs510 Feb '24 18:04A Unique Nicknamedivegeester
Please can the website show the game result lik...306 Feb '24 13:44coedycodeRuss
Export conversation with player224 Jan '24 11:30sbiniPonderable
Suggestions for changes to the clan system721 Jan '24 10:28vendavenda
An idea for improving the “thumbs” feature36515 Jan '24 15:28divegeesterVery Rusty
Hard close ear end clan points308 Jan '24 10:28Anglianvenda
Clan Games Rating (CGR)107 Jan '24 12:45AnglianAnglian
Please reverse forum post order: newest at top2018 Dec '23 22:17stevehewittKewpie
Ideas to stop time wasters1918 Dec '23 22:02BOBDANIEL09BigDogg
allow buddy privilieges for all club members707 Dec '23 19:27PonderableRuss
Sharing clan leadership1128 Nov '23 20:14vendaVery Rusty
harmonize clan forums to current name304 Oct '23 17:45PonderablePonderable
Club "tournament status" filter bug206 Sep '23 09:50shannonRuss
Ratings update802 Sep '23 21:43Jayboman1579Very Rusty
Could New Game remember last values?530 Aug '23 09:34Nick812Russ
Button Colors Redux923 Jul '23 21:03vivifyvenda
Flag for tibet is missing1123 Jul '23 20:02BrrrTommovich
on the distribution of "welcome" games412 Jul '23 19:15PonderableRuss
Undo feature for posting830 May '23 04:42FMFFMF

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