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iPhone/iPad app dev update - work in progress728 Jun '22 20:29Russmoonbus
RHP Android App 4.8.0 beta208 Jun '22 17:24RussRuss
opt out of thumb system9803 Jun '22 01:38PonderableKevin Eleven
Pre-move in live chess301 Jun '22 19:13vivifyvivify
Photos embedded within posts (again)1927 May '22 05:34divegeestermoonbus
Daily Chess version of app724 May '22 09:59Nick812Russ
Thumbs up and down10924 May '22 01:20KellyJayKellyJay
A "Today's Posts" Forum923 May '22 04:49vivifyKevin Eleven
Fair Play Rewards in Clan Challenges620 May '22 12:53Relentless Redvenda
Move reminder problem218 May '22 14:43PonderableVery Rusty
The hidden tag218 May '22 12:36SuzianneSuzianne
Incorrect Man Down Count218 May '22 09:45WajomaRuss
Sort game list in app201 May '22 11:18Nick812Russ
Skip game in app201 May '22 11:04Nick812Russ
Landing Page Options?624 Apr '22 13:36Gambrelvenda
Pictures in Private Forums214 Apr '22 17:16vivifyvivify
R&D project / Chess variant focussed site - fee...1002 Apr '22 07:16Russmoonbus
What? two ladder games at the same ladder posit...425 Mar '22 16:22BrrrRuss
Edits1925 Mar '22 02:10ContenchessKevin Eleven
Chrome and Firefox about to release version 100709 Mar '22 19:24SuzianneShallow Blue
Open Invites targeted at specific countries524 Feb '22 11:22FlyingWolfmwmiller
Archiving Entered Tournaments518 Feb '22 11:49coedycodevenda
FORCED DRAW Game Id 14628988817 Feb '22 02:33BrrrKevin Eleven
New forum request1515 Feb '22 14:49divegeestermoonbus
improvement of [hidden]feature1315 Feb '22 03:46PonderableKevin Eleven
Greeter Program1709 Feb '22 15:27mwmillerPonderable
hover feature vanished...???606 Feb '22 03:16BrrrKevin Eleven
Thumbs2204 Feb '22 01:39Trev33Kevin Eleven
Limited Thumbs 👍👎11331 Jan '22 23:03ContenchessKevin Eleven
Creating files325 Jan '22 10:12bob58Russ

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