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Settings link423 Sep '22 16:06mwmillermwmiller
CHECK Indicator521 Sep '22 13:31dm7mwmiller
iPhone iPad App Beta 5.0.x available921 Sep '22 10:40RussRuss
Site ideas forum etiquette917 Sep '22 22:47vivifyBigDogg
Option to Claim Timeout Win Automatically1016 Sep '22 19:46jon3141vivify
Auto complete610 Sep '22 18:28vendavenda
Waiting period for new posters10410 Sep '22 03:11vivifydivegeester
Android App Beta 5.0.x available407 Sep '22 12:13RussRuss
Recommendations re: review sites2206 Sep '22 23:15Kevin Elevendivegeester
"Currently banned" indicator2206 Sep '22 04:43Kevin ElevenKevin Eleven
Waiting period for old posters4806 Sep '22 04:40Kevin ElevenKevin Eleven
My last entry704 Sep '22 15:09KellyJayKellyJay
A separate forum for US politics…2630 Aug '22 06:34shavixmirKevin Eleven
The Wall of Unforgettable Posts.3318 Aug '22 02:13Beowulfshavixmir
"Next Game" sequence1316 Aug '22 14:30dm7Russ
Inability to erase our notes after the game has...1111 Aug '22 10:52BrrrRuss
Notes311 Aug '22 10:51LiseRuss
inactivity905 Aug '22 16:36ogbGhost of a Duke
Icons1028 Jul '22 16:40Bobla45moonbus
Open Invite rating limits consultation.1226 Jul '22 10:20RussSuzianne
Unbiased Moderation?5222 Jul '22 23:00BeowulfKingDavid403
The notes on Daily Chess games should allow mor...621 Jul '22 06:28KadasWizarddivegeester
opt out of thumb system10909 Jul '22 13:16Ponderabledivegeester
Message feature not working properly1007 Jul '22 06:17mghrn55Suzianne
iPhone/iPad app dev update - work in progress906 Jul '22 08:34RussRuss
RHP Android App 4.8.0 beta208 Jun '22 17:24RussRuss
Pre-move in live chess301 Jun '22 19:13vivifyvivify
Photos embedded within posts (again)1927 May '22 05:34divegeestermoonbus
Daily Chess version of app724 May '22 09:59Nick812Russ
Thumbs up and down10924 May '22 01:20KellyJayKellyJay

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