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Draw confusion201 Aug '21 19:09vendaRuss
Creativity forum?529 Jul '21 21:36vivifyKevin Eleven
Live Chess5427 Jul '21 14:06RussRuss
Abuse of the alert system1825 Jul '21 22:33divegeesterKevin Eleven
JeanTylerGariel - Over 2000 games1722 Jul '21 18:55Rajk999Rajk999
response to help tickets922 Jul '21 15:19shortcircuitRuss
Possible bug in Clan challenge listing.313 Jul '21 03:57mghrn55mghrn55
How about1601 Jul '21 16:33Great Big Steesdivegeester
Delayed move / Submit Later w/timer923 Jun '21 19:24JohnnyThundermoonbus
Question or Suggestion6807 Jun '21 09:59jmwinriderRuss
game notes304 Jun '21 21:13ogbdivegeester
Android v4.6.6 Clan functionality Open testing728 May '21 18:35RussRuss
polls have become unreadable after voting617 May '21 15:01rookie54rookie54
Beta April 2021 - with early build of live ches...3016 May '21 16:12RussRuss
I,d pay 4 this feature104 May '21 00:48elassasinoelassasino
Timeout, then Timebank101 May '21 22:58Bob KramerBob Kramer
iOS iPhone/iPad Beta on Testflight v4.5.6401 May '21 16:36Russmoonbus
holiday notifications226 Apr '21 10:10ZenicRuss
In Desperation ... a second plea ...416 Apr '21 11:04medullahRuss
Blitz Feature6113 Apr '21 20:40Chris GuffoggRuss
Not Seeing A Thread1009 Apr '21 18:11Very RustyVery Rusty
Alerting posts808 Apr '21 15:13FMFVery Rusty
Changing account name4108 Apr '21 15:09RussVery Rusty
Thread blogs404 Apr '21 08:05divegeesterdivegeester
improvement of hidden feature330 Mar '21 06:15PonderablePonderable
Returning old threads1928 Mar '21 07:51Suziannedivegeester
Thread bans1627 Mar '21 15:05Paul A RobertsKevin Eleven
Profile page suggestions1019 Mar '21 21:49SpankyRuss
Dark Mode Tournament View319 Mar '21 10:30eteckaRuss
Valuable upgrade suggestion, the same as i made...219 Mar '21 10:25Brrrvenda

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