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An idea for improving the “thumbs” feature22001 Apr '23 09:39divegeesterdivegeester
Greeter Program ideas628 Mar '23 19:35mwmillermwmiller
Waiting period for new posters15428 Mar '23 12:35vivifyVery Rusty
Button Colors2024 Mar '23 17:02Khandita108divegeester
How much vacation does my opponent have?119 Mar '23 00:12TurrialbaTurrialba
Making Clan Match Pairings Transparent118 Mar '23 22:27medullahmedullah
Username Cognisant Dissonance709 Mar '23 03:55orangutanEndLame
Clan Challenge Rating (CCR)303 Mar '23 19:21Anglianmoonbus
Work in progress325 Feb '23 19:44RussRuss
Rating System Question520 Feb '23 10:22Jakalvenda
white on bottom...2519 Feb '23 19:38mlb62mlb62
i offered a draw805 Feb '23 12:01rookie54dm7
i suggest a new post alert category1227 Jan '23 02:48rookie54Gambrel
Add "deep" conditionals to the app826 Jan '23 12:21PonderablePonderable
Auto complete1215 Jan '23 15:25vendavenda
Archive1114 Jan '23 11:57dm7Russ
Dev Update813 Jan '23 18:20RussRuss
Restrict the clan list212 Jan '23 09:44vendaPonderable
"Play Computer" option on RHP410 Jan '23 14:51Jakalvenda
Add "archive game" to the app210 Jan '23 11:57PonderableRuss
Notifications for replies.1308 Jan '23 06:13EndLameEndLame
Harassment vs Bullying?2801 Jan '23 04:16Excited ExileExcited Exile
Another "frozen clock" in live chess126 Dec '22 21:15BigDoggBigDogg
Deletion of posts after 10 thumbs down.2825 Dec '22 19:31Cinder23Excited Exile
A right-wing inbred incel forum1115 Dec '22 05:03shavixmirEndLame
Display my Notes609 Dec '22 13:59KewpieA Unique Nickname
Ratings of old games406 Dec '22 08:11dangertiltA Unique Nickname
Game data held in the App505 Nov '22 18:32Some Random BlokePonderable
Accepting an offered draw in the app, to be mor...331 Oct '22 01:05coedycodemoonbus
Settings link730 Oct '22 15:21mwmillermwmiller

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