1. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    10 Aug '23 20:24
    On the brink of new discoveries in sub-atomic physics, with implications for our understanding of how the universe works:

    "Researchers know that there is what they describe as "physics beyond the Standard Model" out there, because the current theory can't explain lots of things that astronomers observe in space.
    These include the fact that galaxies are continuing to accelerate apart after the Big Bang that created the Universe, rather than the expansion slowing down. Scientists say the acceleration is being driven by an unknown force, called dark energy.
    Galaxies are also spinning faster than they should, according to our understanding of how much material is in them. Researchers believe it's because of invisible particles called dark matter, which again are not part of the Standard Model."

  2. Subscribersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    16 Aug '23 06:34
    There is this hypothesis that black holes make daughter universes from our universe. If that is so then it seems OUR universe was also a daughter universe of yet another universe.
    But if Hawking is right, and there is Hawking radiation, if our universe is in fact a black hole from a mother universe, is it possible our universe is leaking Hawking radiation? If so, could that be measured? I know so far Hawking radiation has not been detected in any of the black holes we have studied, presumably because the level of radiation if there is just too weak for us to suss out.
    If we are inside a black hole universe would there be a way to tell if we are radiating energy away?
    Of course all this is speculation but interesting nonetheless.
    I wonder if black holes are universes, if one was inside would we see continuous expansion like we see in our universe? I guess you would have to jump into one and hope not to get spaghettified to see such.
    We for sure have a long way to go before we see any of that and we have to get relativity and quantum mechanics into one overall theory that will give us answers we can only dream about now.
    I wonder if quantum computers, BIG ones, that is to say thousands or millions of qubits could answer such questions or point the way to the TOE.
    I think the biggest one going right now is under 100 qubits so we have a ways to go before big questions can be answered if quantum computers could answer such questions in the first place.

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